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There is a wonderful and fantastically in-depth new review of RHYTHM ONTHE RIVER on


It’s a fun film even if it’s not one of his greatest screen-moments.

Here’s an extract to whet your appetite.

And here are some lovely caps (also borrowed from





  1. GRETCHEN says

    Does anybody else notice that “Queenio” and “The Countess” both have VERY similar avatar-characters assigned to them? What a CUTE coincidence! πŸ™‚

    On another note; I watched “Fingers at the Window” yesterday, on TCM. It’s okay, but you don’t get to see Basil for most of the first half of the film, since only his voice is heard while he’s kept in shadow….supposedly for a ‘creepy’ effect, and to hide his identity as ‘the bad guy’ until near the end. Of course, everyone already KNOWS it’s Basil, because of his unmistakable voice—not really much ‘concealment’ going on, there!

    This movie “Rhythm on the River” sounds (and looks) like it might be fun to watch……..but then, ANYTHING with Basil in it is fun to watch!! πŸ˜‰

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    • Ellen Foley says

      Don’t know if you have Amazon Prime,but had to watch it there a few weeks back.Maybe a film he considered “bread and butter”,but it was sweet.Having to support the WeedWhacker,he may have had many minor roles,but he was great in everyone of them!


  2. fra franotti says

    I have always enjoyed this film immensely and Ms Jessen’s review is absolutely thorough and immersing, with masses of pictures and quotes from contemporaneous reviews. I highly recommend it.


  3. Barbara says

    I can suggest another bit of trivia that Marcia might want to add to the page. In the movie Basil’s character is writing a song called “Goodbye to Love.” In the seventies Richard Carpenter was watching the movie on TV one night and decided he wanted to write a song called “Goodbye to Love.” And so he did….

    Carpenter fans have Basil Rathbone and Rhythm on the River to thank for this song!

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    • Ellen Foley says

      Loved The Carpenters,such a huge loss to music when Karen died.Also,RIP David Bowie-mentioned him because it was noted that a 100+ year old photo of an “androgynous” Baz from one of his earliest Shakespearean appearances-that gorgeous profile brought Bowie to mind.Hope Baz & Bowie are getting to know one another in the Great Beyond.Bowie/Queen song Under Pressure is one of my all-time favs.


  4. Kendrick says

    Thank you! I’ve never seen this film but now I want to. Basil was so handsome!


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