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Sherlock Holmes Week: Day III: The Hound of the Baskervilles

As it’s THE Week we have MORE Sherlock caps… The Hound is the second-best outing of the Baz as Sherlock, and was his own favorite (for what that’s worth). In his autobiography he said something to the effect that if he’d only made this one Holmes movie he’d have ended up a lot less famous, but much happier as a creative artist. (Baz, you were such a snob in some ways, much as I love you). The movie is notable – or notorious – to movie buffs for two egregious or strange omissions. 1.There’s no soundtrack music. None. At All. 2. Rathbone was second-billed below Fox’s new contract-player, Richard hello I’m talking wallpaper Greene! – Ah the fine madness that was Hollywood’s Golden Age! Anyhow, here are the captures… As a slideshow: And in the Gallery… CLICK…. ON THE PIC