Author: Catte

Hollywood Tours 1937

Marcia Jessen from has very kindly sent The Baz these wonderful pdfs of articles advertising “Hollywood Tours.” Interesting to us mainly because amongst the delights offered the lucky tourists is a “cocktail party at Basil Rathbone’s home!” But almost as interesting is the glimpse of the culture of 1930s America. Fascinating to see the beginnings of present-day fear-marketing aimed at women. Warnings of the fire consequences of not being “dainty” enough, and post-Victorian coy recommendations for Kotex. And then, the culture shock of an ad aimed at “skinny girls”, promising they can “add five pounds!” Anyway, enjoy, and download the full pdfs from the link below. *** *** *** ***

New Year & New Look Blog

Hello all. I’m  the new co-admin of The Baz. And this is  the new magazine-style layout, which I hope you like. It’s designed to showcase a good range of the fantastic array of material here. If you scroll down the front page you’ll find several new sections, full of various goodies. So far we have original featured articles, “The Baz on Film”, “Quotations”, “Magazine articles”, and “Talking to.” Take a tour and enjoy, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions we’d love to hear from you in the comments. best Chatte Noire