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New Year & New Look Blog

Hello all. I’m  the new co-admin of The Baz. And this is  the new magazine-style layout, which I hope you like. It’s designed to showcase a good range of the fantastic array of material here.

If you scroll down the front page you’ll find several new sections, full of various goodies. So far we have original featured articles, “The Baz on Film”, “Quotations”, “Magazine articles”, and “Talking to.”

Take a tour and enjoy, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions we’d love to hear from you in the comments.


Chatte Noire



  1. Rathbone Fan says

    This fan is very VERY happy to see the blog functioning again. And yes this layout is a treat as it allows past posts to come to the fore


  2. GRETCHEN says

    Wow, this is GREAT!
    The BAZ has suddenly come back to LIFE!! 😀

    Hello and HAPPY * NEW * YEAR, everybody!!!


    • Countess says

      oh my I have been saveing pics of Frank for? well ages. But the ones of Edgar came from ancestory. Erick well that was just a lucky find I searched for ww1 solider + John Ernst Vivian Rathbone. and got Erick. Somtines you can pull up pics of Basil by looking for Frank because he was in his touring co. Our local lib has anew feauter for searching obits. from news papers and ya can blow them up and snip I reconed where there are obits there are other things so far have found 3 new basil pics from the 1920s. but its hard to get them clear. am still without internet look like it will be that way a good bit longer.


  3. roberta says

    lovely to see the blog happening again, this is a great little New Year present, and it looks lovely


  4. KENDRICK says

    Happy new year to the Baz and to all you lovely Baz-fans! I just checked in and am soooooo happy to see it active agaon

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  5. MIKUFAN says

    \(^O^) Nice to meet you! I can’t wait to read your stuff!


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  6. Elaine Drury says

    I like the new design very much. It’s nice to rediscover jewels from the archives :-D. And bienvenu to La Chatte Noire


  7. Glenys says

    Frequent visitor since the blog started – and I LOVE this look. There is so much information on here and this layout makes It’s so easy to find those buried treasures! I am having a great afternoon – glass of Baileys, mince pies and browsing the Baz!

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