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The Violent Deaths of Basil Rathbone

Yes, you read that right — “deaths.” I’m not writing about the actual death of Basil Rathbone, but rather the many deaths of his characters on film and on the stage. On film, Basil met a violent death 23 times! He was run through by a sword in five films and fatally shot by a gun in six films. His deaths in the other twelve films occurred as a result of poison, stabbing, suffocating, falling, and a few other unfortunate incidents. We will take a closer look at these below. Here is the final duel in Captain Blood (1935), in which Errol Flynn skewers Levasseur (Rathbone): Errol Flynn also dispatched Rathbone (as Sir Guy of Gisbourne) in The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938): In the 1935 film Romeo and Juliet, Rathbone played Tybalt, one of Juliet’s relatives. After Tybalt killed Mercutio in a duel, Romeo (Leslie Howard) challenged Tybalt to a duel and killed him: And then there is that wonderful duel in The Mark of Zorro (1940), where foppish Don Diego (Tyrone Power) reveals …

Captain Blood in photos

Can’t do better than invite you to admire the delicious screen caps done by A Folded Umbrella of the Baz in CAPTAIN BLOOD. It’s said the British writer Daphne Du Maurier had a crush on Basil when she was a teenager and that she subsequently based the pirate/lover in FRENCHMAN’S CREEK on his incarnation of the dashing, crazy, devastatingly romantic Levasseur. So whatever was up with her in the self-esteem department (seriously, REBECCA is an essay on inadequacy and desperate over-compensation), there was nothing wrong with her aesthetic sense. If FRENCHMAN’S CREEK had happened ten years earlier, maybe the B would have been playing the love interest instead of horny Lord Rockingham.