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New Year & New Look Blog

Hello all. I’m  the new co-admin of The Baz. And this is  the new magazine-style layout, which I hope you like. It’s designed to showcase a good range of the fantastic array of material here. If you scroll down the front page you’ll find several new sections, full of various goodies. So far we have original featured articles, “The Baz on Film”, “Quotations”, “Magazine articles”, and “Talking to.” Take a tour and enjoy, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions we’d love to hear from you in the comments. best Chatte Noire  

Ouida’s Sherlock Hits the Presses…

Just a quick post to tell you all the Baker Street Journal sent out a reminder today that people have until Saturday to sign up for their Christmas edition which features the text of Ouida’s ill-fated 1953 stage play, SHERLOCK HOLMES.So go along and order a copy and discover whether it really was as hair-tearingly bad as everyone said.

update: on Ouida Bergere has just unveiled a new page dedicated to Rathbone’s troubling second wife, Ouida Bergere (or whatever he real name was). Go and check it out. Lots of info. I focused on this pic of Ouida in 1919, sitting in a huge car: She would have been married to George Fitzmaurice at the time I think, and had just launched her short-lived multi-functional uber-agency for just about everything. That giant car is so Ouida isn’t it. Wonder if she ever actually managed to pay for it 😉