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  2. Judy D. says

    I seem to have knocked myself off the blog hotline and have a lot of reading to do! But the info below appeared on my email this a.m. and might be of interest to some of the members regarding Baz’s WWI experiences, or at least would be a way to get a deeper understanding of what he went through. And PS, be sure to see “Sherlock Unlocked,” or whatever it’s called on PBS–lots of delicious Bazz/Nigel bits (but enough with the violin, oy!).
    I have helped on this fabulous astronomy website as a sort of “citizen scientist,” taking a stab at analyzing possible transits from the Kepler Planet Finder mission (a fab site for any kid or retiree you know who is interested in the subject!–plus they have many other projects, such as tracking whale migration, etc.). Here it is:

    Today we launched Operation War Diary – our new citizen history project where we need your help to transcribe regimental diaries which describe events in the lives of British soldiers during the First World War. To get involved visit and follow the short tutorial.
    These diaries contain the thoughts and observations of soldiers on the Western Front. They detail the location, movement and everyday activities of hundreds of thousands of individuals whose stories are otherwise unknown to us. With 1.5 million pages to go through, there are many amazing stories lying in these documents, waiting to be read.
    By tagging people, places, and more on you can help our team of historians to begin to reconstruct the lives of the First World War for future generations. This is an incredibly important project and we’re very excited to be working with The National Archives and the Imperial War Museum to make it happen.
    Keep up-to-date with all news from this project and more by following it on Facebook and Twitter
    Rob and the Zooniverse Team
    PS We haven’t forgotten the astronomers among you! Yesterday we launched a project built by our friends at the Space Telescope Science Institute, which uses Hubble Space Telescope data to classify star clusters in the Southern Pinwheel Galaxy, M83. It’s called Project Stardate and you can try it now at
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    • MIKUFAN says

      We had a documentary about Screen-Sherlocks the other day over here in the UK! ^-^ SO….MUCH….BAZ!


    • the countess says

      Thats so worhty..Does it meen that if we can tag a certin Solider of his unit we can work on that persons notes? How cool would that be We could volenter for Basil and John and Sir Frank who drove amblunce and his son Eric who was also killed if memorie serves me correctly.Of course with the way I spell they would be more confused if i tried to transcribe anything ;>


  3. Hannibal says

    Hi I sent a message to you about a week ago but had no reply, can someone help me? I am looking for information about Basil Rathbone’s mother as I believe she may have been a relative of my father’s. Can anyone tell me where her mother was born? Basil’s grandmother that would be.


  4. Don’t know why so many comments Mrs BR as unattractive.While not beautiful,I think she has good points,same as the Baz.She is no cow!She’s certainly more attractive than some today who only have a good body with an ugly mouth and disposition (“do some guy,but put a bag over his head” says ‘ho,no matter what year,like two “friends” are quoted as saying cattily-they both “did” this singer)


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