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Photo Week: The Baz, 1913

I just don’t have time for any wordy-posts this week (next week you get to read first instalment of The Thesis, you lucky lucky people), so I’ve decided to devote the whole week to posting pics, videos etc that get recommended by readers. Next up is one suggested by Marcia and Janice. 21-year old Basil Rathbone in one of his first Shakespearean roles.

It’s 1913. He’s been an actor for just two years. And the Great War has yet to do its work on him.

Here’s the original:

And the lovely close up sent by Janice:


  1. carolinapanthersfan says

    He looks so young there, still almost a teen, and h always looked so young for his age until the late forties when he started looking ill rather than older really. What i’m trying to say is – is it possible he was actually younger than he claimed? Like, did he lie about his age, maybe to get his first job, and it stuck? Just a thought, don’t jump on me anyone:)


    • Somebody get my spiked shoes and a rope….no no jumping on you. But altho I have never found a birth cert. or notice for his birth. I have found other documents that all have his birth date and place as June 13,1892 S.A. So I think it’s correct. Ouida,on the other hand…But Honstly I havent got the heart to put her down for lieing about her age.IMHO thats a womens God given right! It’s all the other lies that, that frost me.


  2. Angelica says

    I just spent a half hour just gazing at this pics and crying. He was so beautiful. Look at his skin! It’s flawless.


  3. FRAN Goodacre says

    Thank you for this wonderful site, I got to it from Tumblr. It’s so amazing I feel like I died and went to Basil heaven!


  4. FRAN Goodacre says

    Oh God, he does look like a Leonardo painting. So poignant. And yes, lucky Juliet! Who was he playing opposite, was it Marion Foreman?


  5. Gaynor says

    I was going to say “sexy” but it felt wrong, because he looks so angelic. He’s beautiful, not sexy. Like the Angel Gabriel or something.


    • Hally says

      He does. He almost looks like he should have one of those gold leaf haloes behind his head.


  6. olivia says

    Yay for photo week is what I say – can we please have the fantastic Sherlock gif that DreamworldReality made on Tumblr a few weeks ago. It had a LOT of reblogs, and it was from Voice of Terror I think!


  7. Haunted Maiden says

    Hs face in repose can convey such sadness. But at 21 I doubt he had any actual sadness in his life did he?


  8. roesbette says

    He looks like a Renaissnace portrait that DaVinci might have done. His Juliet was one lucky gal!


    • Hermione Granger says

      he so does. I think Michelangelo would have wanted him as a model πŸ™‚


  9. AnnaPindurka says

    “…the most beautiful male I have ever laid eyes upon”, the schoolboy Larry Olivier writes in 1921. (I keep returning to this quote…)


    • Jemima says

      Laurence Olivier said that? So cool! When was that? Olivier was such a pervy guy about men and women.


      • AnnaPindurka says

        I found this in Roger Lewis’s biography, The Real Life of Laurence Olivier, the whole quote is: “In February 1921, Olivier went on a choir school outing to see Henry IV Part Two at the Royal Court: β€˜Prince Hal. Oh, that magical Prince Hal, the most beautiful male I have ever laid eyes upon. His profile was that of a god, his figure pure Olympiad, his voice the most beautiful instrument I had yet heard, and even his name suggested the utmost in glamorous masculinity – Basil Rathbone.’ ” It’s from his diary.


    • No wonder he wanted so much to be liked.I can see all the jealous public school boys making his life difficult out of jealousy.Sensitive soul,caring about the underdog,and gorgeous,too!


  10. FredaKowlie says

    Did you intentionally make the three picture you’ve posted exactly ten and twenty years apart?


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