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Photo Week: Two Sherlock Gifs

Three things. 1. I broke my wrist last night and am currently typing lefthanded. So there may be breaks in service while I struggle to keep up with my workload. 2.The British NHS is FANTASTIC and you should not let David Cameron take it away from you guys. If we had the same thing in America so much pain and misery and debt and death would be avoided. 3.Here is the latest Photo Week offering. Two matching gifs made for Tumblr by The-Dreamworld-Reality, whose work we’ve featured here before. Nominated by several different readers, they feature the Baz’s expressive face in glorious close-up.

Photo Week: Milk

Ok, here is today’s pic by popular demand. No idea when it’s taken, but judging by his general appearance I’d guess the late 30s or early 40s. Eagle-eyed Hally noticed he isn’t wearing a wedding ring, but I don’t know what that signifies. Perhaps he’s in character for some role. The kitchen looks sort of small and plebeian to belong to Ouida Rathbone. I mean how do you cater for one of her parties on THAT stove? So maybe he isn’t at home. But anyhow, here is the great Basil Rathbone drinking a glass of milk and holding what might be a cheese sandwich in one hand. Enjoy peeps πŸ™‚

Photo Week: The Baz, 1913

I just don’t have time for any wordy-posts this week (next week you get to read first instalment of The Thesis, you lucky lucky people), so I’ve decided to devote the whole week to posting pics, videos etc that get recommended by readers. Next up is one suggested by Marcia and Janice. 21-year old Basil Rathbone in one of his first Shakespearean roles. It’s 1913. He’s been an actor for just two years. And the Great War has yet to do its work on him. Here’s the original: And the lovely close up sent by Janice:

Photo Week: the Baz 1923

Basil Rathbone Tribute posted this photo on Tumblr. He’s incredibly young and innocent-looking. But it’s the date that FF draws attention to. 1923, the year THE SWAN opened on Broadway, and things changed forever in his life. The year he met Ouida Bergere. And of course Eva Le Gallienne. Where was he when he signed this? “Yours sincerely” is a rather quaint and awkward thing to put on a fan photo. Maybe he wasn’t used to autograph protocol yet. Here’s the link to the tumbr post: