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Heat Wave

We’re having a heat wave, A tropical heat wave, The temperature’s rising, It isn’t surprising, I’m sweating like a … no, no. That isn’t right. Right now much of the USA, including where I live (east coast) is experiencing a blistering heat wave. Basil Rathbone knew how to cool off in the hot weather. Here are Basil Rathbone and Marlene Dietrich cooling off in a rain shower on a hot day at the studio (1939). He couldn’t have been prepared for a rain shower, could he? Did he just strip down to his boxer shorts (or is that a towel?) and run outside when it started raining? At home Basil cools off by swimming in his pool. Here he is climbing out. Basil also frolicked in the pool with his dogs. Ah, that’s the life! I feel cooler already.

Sunday Pic #14

Marcia has suggested this pic, partly because of its prettiness and partly on the off chance anyone can tell us anything about its origin. The dedication reads “to Sophie, thank you for your beautiful work. Basil Rathbone/Christmas 1929“. B is obviously in some kind of costume, but for what? The only movie he made that year was THE LAST OF MRS CHEYNEY, but he doesn’t wear anything like this Spanish-type deal in that. So…what is it? Any clues or suggestions welcome. Meantime, admire… (And apologies for comments having been turned off much of the time over Thanksgiving. They are back on properly now). And welcome to all the new followers who have been signing up lately!

Sunday (well ok Saturday) Pic #11

As a little light relief from the gruelling saga of Madame X, Marcia from has suggested I post this pic in case anyone can ID the various people in the photos. It was taken in BR’s house on Los Feliz some time between 1935 when they moved in and 1939 when they made the transition to Bellagio Road. The full size original (very large) can be seen and downloaded HERE, but here are some enlargements of the relevant sections to let you clearly see the various photos. The ones over the desk… And even closer… And the ones on the wall to the left… Some of these people can be identified. Ouida is conspicuous in several pics (to no one’s surprise I imagine; I mean she probably oversaw the placement and content of every object in the room, and wasn’t gonna let it seem like he could live without at least three versions of her fabulous features to gaze upon, right?) Marcia thinks the kid bottom center over the desk is Rodion and I …

Ouida in photos

I apologise to The Baz’s loyal followers for the unprecedented hiatus. Moving is a nightmare. You lose things. Including your mind. I never want to do it again. But anyhow. In my absence, it seems the nice lady relative of Ouida’s who promised to get back to us but never did has begun selling her Ouida-wares on Ebay. By which I mean photos, mostly of O herself, some of Basil. As various people have been sending in copies, I thought I’d post some of them here. The photos seem to date from c.1915 onward. Many are snapshots of Ouida’s psyche as much as of her sturdy little form. Aspirational. Romantic. Tinged with the unreal. This one alleges to have been taken in Connecticut, probably around 1920, possibly when Ouida was married to George Fitzmaurice, certainly before she knew Rathbone. She seems to be standing in a field wearing a kimono and carrying a Japanese umbrella. As you do. And here she is, again c. 1920, this time wearing nothing but a fur wrap. This one …