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Heat Wave

We’re having a heat wave,
A tropical heat wave,
The temperature’s rising,
It isn’t surprising,
I’m sweating like a … no, no. That isn’t right.

Right now much of the USA, including where I live (east coast) is experiencing a blistering heat wave. Basil Rathbone knew how to cool off in the hot weather.

Here are Basil Rathbone and Marlene Dietrich cooling off in a rain shower on a hot day at the studio (1939). He couldn’t have been prepared for a rain shower, could he? Did he just strip down to his boxer shorts (or is that a towel?) and run outside when it started raining?

At home Basil cools off by swimming in his pool.


Here he is climbing out.


Basil also frolicked in the pool with his dogs.




Ah, that’s the life! I feel cooler already.


  1. GRETCHEN says

    Speaking of ‘HEAT WAVE’—-

    I just saw Baz in one of his DUMBEST films EVER: “Ghost in the Invisible Bikini”, a few days ago on TV. 😛
    Boy, was it LAME. But hey, it’s also BEACHY-KEEN!! 😉

    This was by FAR the WORST of ALL those silly ‘1960s Summer Beach-Party Musical Flicks’ that were made back then. It had the same GOOFY motorcycle gang and some other familiar stuff (like surprise cameos by unlikely & ‘has-been’ actors), but lacked the added ‘talents’ of stars such as Annette Funicello & Frankie Avalon….plus, a BUDGET to match; not that any of those fared much better. However, at least they were more TOLERABLE to watch. (Well, it DOES have Nancy Sinatra in it, though!) 🙂

    There’s virtually NO storyline, and the WHOLE THING is basically a bunch of skinny kids without acting skills singing & dancing around in bathing suits looking irresistible & wiggling about, or being chased by guys in dime-store ‘spook’ costumes and—yes—that SAME oh-so-realistic ‘gorilla’ used in yet another of Basil’s DUMBEST films EVER: “Hillbillys in a Haunted House”. Yup. That’s pretty much IT.

    The ONLY reason I ever bother to (FORCE myself to) watch this one when it’s on, is to see our pal Basil Rathbone in it. He manages to fulfill his role with as much ‘dignity’ as possible, given the situation. So does Boris Karloff, although his part isn’t quite AS humiliating. (I can sadly compare this film to poor Vincent Price’s HORRIBLY PATHETIC, low-cost follow-up sequel to the MUCH more successful first “Dr. Goldfoot” movie.) Oh, BROTHER. *rolls eyes*

    I think this was produced SPECIFICALLY for sex-crazed young boys who wanted to make out with their girlfriends at the drive-in, and who probably never even NOTICED what it was actually ABOUT, anyway—since they were too busy eying the MYRIAD of bikini-babes shaking their boobs ‘n’ booties on screen, while in-between smooches.

    What’s with the BLATENT ‘ad’ for that strangely popular, weird (and pointlessly STUPID) colorful plastic ’60s spin-toy thing that all the SUPER HOT, scantily-clad teens are suggestively ‘playing with’ by the pool—as an elderly Basil (uncomfortably surrounded by them) appears on the scene, with his equally HOT young daughter?? (I’ll bet I know what ol’ Baz was a-thinkin’….and a-FEELIN’! *wink-wink*) Odd—and just a tad bit AWKWARD—for everyone IN it, as well as everyone WATCHING it. Yikes. 😮

    At the end, when the ‘ghost-chick’ suddenly EXPLODES Baz to pieces with her touch (strangely, as if the producers weren’t sure WHAT to do with him), his cute little paper cutout ‘Monty Python-ish’ cartoon angel soul is sent deep into the bowels of……HEAVEN???? Wait a minute; isn’t he supposed to be—THE EVIL BAD GUY?! Oooo–Kay.

    No matter how TERRIBLE & EMBARRASSING this movie might be, at least Basil is TOTALLY BEACHIN’ in it!!! 😀

    I give it a DOUBLE ‘BUMS’ UP! (hee-hee) 😉


    • marciajessen says

      Funny, I don’t remember it being THAT bad! I’ll have to watch it again. I do remember it being silly and campy. Hillbillys in a Haunted House made me want to throw up.


  2. Ellen Foley says

    Would prefer a handsome man like him to share the pool at the health club than some of the spitters,pee’ers,who feel that just because it gets cleaned on Mon & Wed they can leave a calling card.Still can’t get over the size of the scar on his right foot from Adventures Of Robin Hood after getting a spear thru the foot since Curtiz didn’t believe in protecting his actors.Interesting about Fitzmaurice-did she have to pay alimony to Fitz,(I’m sure she probably had some goods on Fitzy,too her and her “no he man preference) or something?Bogie claimed Baz had male lovers,something his own insecurities made him (Bogie) try to fight off his entire career.Read that not too long ago-Baz,well,OR was no shrinking violet,maybe stinking violent,but she deserved no sympathy for the vise-like grip on a well-liked husband.Too bad he left the crib when he cheated on her-see who would’ve put her up,and she probably knew it,too.Wonder if OR was on set of Frenchman’s Creek when Joan Fontaine alleged Baz or Willie told gossip columns she told Arturo DeCordova to “go back to Mexico”.Yes,hearing something about Weadock would be interesting-which huband was he?

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  3. marciajessen says

    Basil was athletic, playing tennis, golf, cricket, and he was of course also accomplished in fencing. I must admit to being surprised that he doesn’t appear more muscular in these pics. Could it be that smoking and drinking counteracted the physical benefits of playing these sports?


    • Ellen Foley says

      I thought his biceps seemed pretty noticeable in AORH when he nudged Miss Olivia.And when he raised his hand to strike Herbie Mundun.Think that his slouchy appearance while in his boxers,would loved it they had boxer briefs back then.


  4. GRETCHEN says

    Just LOOOVE that ‘sexy pose’ Basil does as he’s getting out of his pool—and that CUTE messy hair! 😉

    I’ll bet he’s playing with all his happy pups in Heaven, now. Sure HOPE so.
    Looks like he had a LOT of fun in those days, at his old house.
    Beautiful, shady backyard & garden.

    I WISH I could go back in time to the 1930s-40s and hang-out with Baz by his pool with a tall iced lemonade, have an intriguing conversation, and maybe even some dainty finger-sandwiches; whilst sitting comfortably in one of those cozy, padded chaise lounge-chairs.


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  5. Jane (new) (UK) says

    Have really enjoyed these waterborne Baz photos. What total contrast to the intensely focussed Holmes which he created so brilliantly. Love the play with his dogs. Even this little island (England) has been experiencing unusual sweltering heat temps this last week – so a pleasure to join Baz in the water…


  6. Judy D. says

    “It’s Too Darned Hot…” Ah, back at last to the hotbed of our favorite Man in Tights. Nice to reread these things and ponder all over again the mystery of Ouida’s fatal charms. She must have had the goods on him, something he did that probably we would all sympathize with these days but which he felt would have hurt his image/career; how else explain that vise-like grip. It might be interesting to find out more about scriptwriter Louis Weadock, since she seemed to be working her way up the ladder of famous men of the time. Funny fact: George Fitzmaurice apparently died on BR’s birthday, 6/13/40! Did BR slip something into his champagne? (Right; more likely OB.) Am on Facebook at the moment, for the single reason that it gives access to tons and tons of BR photos. Wonder the man had a moment to himself with all those cameras around. Loved the 1920s ones you shared this weekend.

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    Send the heat wave over to the UK when you’re done with it, please!
    Along with Basil Rathbone.
    And his dogs.
    And a pool.

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