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The Captive (1926) redux

Since I did the post on The Captive a few days ago, references to the play seem to keep popping up on Tumblr. So I thought I’d revisit to link to this site:Out History which includes the Brooks Atkinson review quoted on this blog and goes into quite a bit of depth about the incident. Anyone interested should definitely go there.

There have also been more photographs from the production surfacing, and here are a couple of them:


  1. Ulrika says

    Poor Basil discovering he is wed to a lesbian. I would just run to comfort him any way he wanted.


  2. NancyNoodle says

    I love his clothes in these early photos. Was he a bit of a dandy in real life?


    • I want to see the next shot, where he’s just got her arms and Helen Menken is clutching the rest of her. Blood everywhere πŸ˜€


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