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Anyone know anything about this?

I’ve been browsing the NYPL digital library for the Q&A with Helen Sheehy (coming up later today or tomorrow), and I stumbled on this pic of The Baz. Anyone know where or when it was taken, who those guys are, or what he’s doing? (without the visual reference that sounds like something to make our Claude’s head explode ;-))

BTW – I’ve put comments on full moderation for a while. The people responsible KNOW WHO THEY ARE.



  1. David Morrill says

    It’s from the Cape Playhouse (Cape Cod), Rathbone, star of the first production of “The Guardsman,” greets some of the early backstage workers. July 1927.


  2. rosebette says

    Since Billy Rose was a famous Broadway producer, I wonder if these gentlemen are involved in a play or show that the Baz acted in.


  3. Thomas Dekker says

    I happen to know this is Basil enjoying a romp with fellow attendees of the “You Don’t Have To Want Sex With Men In Order to be Gay” Glee Club Summer Outing 1942. Other members not in this photo are Errol Flynn, George Sanders, David Niven and any man Charles Higham or David Bret ever wrote about. πŸ˜€


  4. The image details (on the NYPL Digital Library page) say: (Source: Billy Rose Theatre Collection photograph file ). I don’t know who Billy Rose is, though. Photographer, perhaps?


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