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“Rathbone Lovely”

The weekend beckons, it’s chilly and rainy outside, time to stoke up the fire, make yourself a cup of hot tea and enjoy some leisure. So, in honor of Thank God it’s Friday, we’re doing an undemanding, eye-pleasing photo-post.

A pic was sent me recently by a reader who found it on a Jeremy Brett website under the title, “rathbonelovely.jpg” The name alone makes it deserve an airing on The Baz. So, here is “RathboneLovely.jpg”…decide for yourselves if you think it’s an accurate description.



  1. GilesLover says

    If they had made The Lord of the Rings in 1939, Basil should have played Aragorn!


      • GRETCHEN says

        I was thinking the SAME thing, while watching “Lord of the Rings” (for the 20th-time this YEAR) with my boyfriend. He sure LOVES that trilogy……a bit TOO much!! πŸ™‚

        Basil would’ve KICKED-BUTT in it!
        He also would’ve KICKED-SWORD!!!


  2. Esmerelda says

    Oh my. Mr Rathbone was spectacular. I had only seen him in his very late films and had no idea he was so extraordinarily handsome as a younger man.


    • Loren says

      I agree, my impression of him has been revolutionized by watching him in Kind Lady. He was stunning! And such a wonderful, understated performance. I was mesmerized, went on line and looked him up, found, and this place. Plus Tumblr has numerous Rathbne fans who post a lot of wonderful pictures. I’m now buying all his Sherlock Holmes films!


  3. Sophie says

    God,he really is amazingly beautiful. There was a thing on Tumblr about how “Don’t cast Basil Rathbone and Jude Law as Karenin if you want me to root for Vronsky and Anna”, and I though YES! Totally. I remember thinking that when I saw the Garbo film when I was 14. I was like “OMG, who is this dreamy gorgeous man? he must be the hero!” And he was the bad guy. And then in walks this paunchy guy with a horrible haircut and he’s the one she falls madly in love with and I was like ok, were the people in the 1930s all blind and insane? is this what passed as cute then?

    Hi I’m Sophie btw. Basil fan for five years.


    • Ellen Foley says

      Same with Garden Of Allah and Boyer vs Baz for love interest.Baz tried out for Boris,got Count Anteoni,but he did look fly in that film.And Alan Marshall getting such a big part,taking away some of Basil’s on screen time.Just for partying with co-stars,well,they were in the desert and needed to stay hydrated.They were sick,fainting from intense heat and Poopnick producer worried not about his cast and sunstroke,no doubt he luxuriating in AC’d comfort in H’weird with a starlet on his knee.Baz and Marlene looked good together,even if her daughter preferred others to Baz,whomever the flavor of the month was.Yummy,Arizona,oops,Yuma,Ariz or bust.


  4. Katoodle Lolly says

    Ok, I’m in heaven looking at this guy! I LOVE the photo! I will always love the one and only beautiful and belovedBaz! Thanks for reading.


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