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Nunc Dimittis for Gisborne

What I like most about this, apart from the music, is the gorgeous b/w stills. So crisp and modern-seeming. It’s also nice to have a tribute to the passing of poor Sir Guy. When I was a kid it always bothered me that no one seemed to mourn him in the end. I’m also launching THE BAZ on Youtube. I have so many of his movies and other goodies, many of which are public domain now, I thought it would be good to have a proper place to put them. So, “NUNC DIMITTIS FOR GISBORNE” and Hally’s lovely Sherlock Holmes video are the first offerings. πŸ™‚ Come and subscribe! And if you have any vids you think belong on BR’s channel, then let send ’em over. BTW – it’s worth watching this in HD if you can.

A Lesson in Three Sword Fights

Change of tone from the whole “WW1 Mystery Letter” question – to which I’m sure we will be returning anon – to the simpler but still baffling question – even if you can’t get Basil Rathbone why do you replace him with Henry Daniell? In case you don’t follow the purport of the question, check this vid out. First you’ll see Flynn’s two epic encounters with RazzleDazzle (as someone called him in the comments today, and which I think is just perfect), in Captain Blood (1935) and The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938); and then you’ll see good ole’ Henry step in to take Baz’s place in The Sea Hawk (1940) (you can also watch the final two if you like,but they aren’t needed for the point and they will just show you a depressingly decaying Flynn speeding towards his early death). The Sword Fights of Errol Flynn from Russ McClay on Vimeo. So, did you watch the Sea Hawk fight? Painful isn’t it. Ok, there are big shadows and ok, there is table-tossing, but …