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Sherlock Holmes Week : The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in captures

Apparently it’s Sherlock Holmes week. Why does no one tell me these things? If you are running a Basil Rathbone blog then you literally have to take notice of this. I mean I think there’s actually a law about it. So, Baz – if you’re around – I’m sorry. I know you were ambivalent (at best) about your identity as Holmes, but that doesn’t change the fact you were one of the greatest Sherlocks of all time (arguably THE greatest). You looked like the Paget drawings come to life (though prettier). You did restless, cerebral brilliance better than any actor I can name (apart from Jeremy Brett). And I am going to fecking say so whether you like it or not. This week is going to be Sherlock Week on The Baz. Entirely by coincidence (really truly) a guy I know at uni is working on an animation project – based on The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and today he let me have a bunch of the fairly high-res captures he’s been making. So…Synchronicity is …

The Best Candids Ever II

By popular demand (well, ok, one commenter suggested it, but I want to do it anyway so there), here is Episode II of The Best Candids Ever, and again it’s featuring the amazing Adventures of Robin Hood. This time it’s the Baz and Olivia de Havilland. It’s a natural pair with the first photo really as again, the personalities and relationships displayed by the subjects could almost be designed to undercut their personas (personae?) in the movie. They might look like Gisbourne and Maid Marian and be dressed like Gisbourne and Maid Marian – but wait a minute — WTF?… …This Marian is leaning and laughing and clearly flirting her ass off, the shameless hussy. And Gisbourne is obviously enjoying every minute of it. She’s just put her hand up to his face, and he – I’m feeling a little outraged here people – is kissing her palm! I think what we need to ask is – does Robin know this is going on? Shouldn’t somebody tell him!!!?

Review: The Mad Doctor (1941)

Thanks to Lolita at Lolita’s Classics I am now the proud owner of The Mad Doctor. And a few days ago I watched it for the first time. So, here’s what I think of it…. It’s a very strange film indeed. Imagine it’s 1940 and a director working inside the Hollywood studio system goes insane and decides to try and intercut the B-thriller he’s making with a European arthouse study of disturbed psychology with a gay/straight “love triangle” in the middle of it, and the studio, not only lets him do it but ships the resulting chimera into the movie houses without anyone seeming to notice. What you’d get would be something very like THE MAD DOCTOR It’s actually two completely different films spliced together. One standard issue 40s “thriller”… …one bizarrely taboo-busting psychological study… John Howard and pretty much everyone else is in the first of these; Basil Rathbone and Martin Kosleck are in the taboo-buster, and playing it to the hilt, while luckless Ellen Drew has to be in both, and try to …