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Robin Hood vs. Marco Polo

I recently came across an article that was originally published in Independent Exhibitors Film Bulletin on July 30, 1938.  David J. Hanna, the author of the article, compares and contrasts two films: The Adventures of Robin Hood and The Adventures of Marco Polo. Basil Rathbone, of course, played a major role in both of those films: Sir Guy of Gisbourne in Robin Hood and Ahmed the Saracen in Marco Polo. The article appears below. Enjoy! ROBIN HOOD vs MARCO POLO One of the greatest box office successes of the year, if not the greatest, is THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD. Throughout the country, reports from class and deluxe houses, from city neighborhoods and rural locations, from the cheapest action spots, tell conclusively that the Warner production is at or very near the top of the season’s grossers. THE ADVENTURES OF MARCO POLO, Sam Goldwyn’s contribution to the year’s adventure program, met with far less success. While neither Mr. Goldwyn nor most exhibitors apparently lost money on the film, it failed to hit the “big money” class. …

Films Rathbone Almost Made

Have you ever thought about movie roles that Basil tried out for, but didn’t get, or roles that he was offered, but declined? And then there were films Basil was contracted to do, and for some reason the film wasn’t made, or it was made and Rathbone wasn’t in it. In this post we will take a look at Rathbone’s close encounters with the following films: The Hurricane The Gamblers The Knight and the Lady Victoria Docks at Eight The Hunchback of Notre Dame It Can’t Happen Here Lady of the Tropics Dark Victory The Boudoir Diplomat Reunion in Vienna Blood Beast Terror One of those films was The Hurricane. (See In 1936 producer Sam Goldwyn was eager to give Rathbone a role in the film, but he wanted Rathbone to sign a four-year contract with his company. Rathbone didn’t want to sign the contract, so that role went to someone else. See “Was Basil Rathbone a Diva?” In April 1937 The Film Daily announced the following: “Feodor Dostoievsky’s celebrated novel ‘The Gamblers,’ will be directed …

Flynn & Rathbone – the perfect duelists

It’s not by simple chance that Flynn and Rathbone were adopted as a subject by Queer Theorists, or that they have become slash icons for a new generation of fans on Tumblr and elsewhere. You don’t need to begin crassly exploring their personal sexualities to be aware that something happened when Flynn and Rathbone were on screen together, duelling or not.

Dynamic Duos Blogathon

“In a co-host gig with the fabulous Classic Movie Hub (@ClassicMovieHub), Once Upon a Screen (@CitizenScreen) is happy to announce this upcoming blogathon event dedicated to perilous, precarious and/or personable pairs…” THE BAZ is participating. Our subject? Flynn and Rathbone. It pretty much chose itself.

Errol Flynn’s home movies?

The other day I had an email from an author and film-blogger asking an intriguing question. I can’t answer it, so I’m copying the relevant part of his email here to see if any of my readers can offer info or leads… “… I know the Baz was an avid home video maker. Are there any around with him and Errol Flynn? I read that they went boar hunting together amoungst other things. All of EF`s home vids have been purchased by Roddy McDowall and are restricted fom public viewing. Does anybody of your community know why?… I hope you can clear these things up for me…”

Nunc Dimittis for Gisborne

What I like most about this, apart from the music, is the gorgeous b/w stills. So crisp and modern-seeming. It’s also nice to have a tribute to the passing of poor Sir Guy. When I was a kid it always bothered me that no one seemed to mourn him in the end. I’m also launching THE BAZ on Youtube. I have so many of his movies and other goodies, many of which are public domain now, I thought it would be good to have a proper place to put them. So, “NUNC DIMITTIS FOR GISBORNE” and Hally’s lovely Sherlock Holmes video are the first offerings. 🙂 Come and subscribe! And if you have any vids you think belong on BR’s channel, then let send ’em over. BTW – it’s worth watching this in HD if you can.

A Life Divided

I think BR’s life can be divided roughly into (slightly uneven) quarters. “Before the war” (1892-1914), “after the war” (1919-23), “The Ouida years”),1923-46, and the “post-Hollywood years” (1946-67). Each one of these segments or chapters is divided by a crucial event that shaped him, made him the man he was, for good or bad, gave him his successes and failures, his joys and his pain. The first of these crucial events, I think, was (unsurprisingly) the Great War. The second was meeting Ouida. The third was….well the thing that culminated in him quitting Hollywood so abruptly in 1946. We’ve talked about Ouida already, and we’ll certainly do so again. I’ll come to the whole “Leaving Los Angeles” thing later on. It’s a big subject, and a sensitive one. Today I’m going to talk about World War One, the “war to end all wars.” Of course war is always crucial in people’s lives, it always defines moments and experiences, and it always leaves scars. The Great War in particular cut a huge and bloody gash across …

More candids for your holiday delectation

Ok – a few more submissions. The first is a photo of the Baz and daughter Cynthia, July 1954. She’s about fifteen. Pretty tall, unless she’s wearing glam rock platforms or something (which I highly doubt). For some reason I think her little pearl necklace is a bit heartbreaking. Poor Cynthia, things did not go good for her. Second up is a candid of the Baz doing a stint at the Hollywood Canteen, ten years earlier – 1944. Sent in by the same “serious collector” who gave us the lovely glowing print of young Basil in 1923. I like the glimpse we get of him handling a live audience. Fascinated to know what he’s gesturing at. Something AMAZING has just come in the room by the looks of things 🙂 And third up, another candid, this time suggested by cinegeek, of Basil and Errol on the set of DAWN PATROL. I really like this for the same reason I like the other candid of them doing costume fittings for ROBIN HOOD – it defies expectation. …