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New Year & New Look Blog

Hello all. I’m  the new co-admin of The Baz. And this is  the new magazine-style layout, which I hope you like. It’s designed to showcase a good range of the fantastic array of material here. If you scroll down the front page you’ll find several new sections, full of various goodies. So far we have original featured articles, “The Baz on Film”, “Quotations”, “Magazine articles”, and “Talking to.” Take a tour and enjoy, and if you have any thoughts or suggestions we’d love to hear from you in the comments. best Chatte Noire  

Happy New Year

The blog has been quiet lately. Sorry guys, I’ve been sick and all alone except for the cat. I missed a blogathon. Bad blogging person. But here are some stats. The Baz had around 70,000 visitors this year, from 106 countries! Average of around 6,000 per month. 200 per day. That’s pretty cool. Please keep visiting – there’ll be lots of great stuff to come in the New Year.


Having published the X transcript and letters, I think I want to continue making available as much source info as possible. So from now on I’ll be dipping in to the Rathbone database and (with Marcia’s permission) posting anything that looks useful or interesting. If anyone has suggestions or requests then email me or leave a comment.


Hey all – you’ve noticed the blog being quiet for a spell and comments being turned off. I’m relocating and getting distracted with other life things. Things should settle down next week. Keep visiting! 🙂

Blogathon Weekend

A reminder to everyone that this weekend (July 13-14) is the Dynamic Duos in Classic Film Blogathon. Our boy is being featured twice. On Sunday July 14 this blog is looking at the Flynn/Rathbone duelling partnership, and tomorrow, July 13, We Recycle Movies is focusing on Rathbone’s other immortal screen-marriage, with Nigel Bruce. So don’t forget to check that out.

The Baz on Tumblr

I’ve used a lot of photos from there, but I’m not sure how many of you know THE BAZ has a Tumblr presence, and there is a thriving and talented Basil Rathbone fandom on there as well as a great resource for some rarer photos. Our URL is Bookmark it!….and come and follow us on Tumblr too. It’s more pictorially-based, less wordy than WordPress, but it’s a good place for fans of classic movies or weird retro-ness of any kind. Browsing can get compulsive. You name it, there will be a tumblr tag for it. Trust me on this. I’m starting a once-weekly update of what is currently running on our “other home.” So Sunday is now The Baz on Tumblr day… 🙂 Gregory Pecks… Fiction For Life… I Really Should Be Drawing… Verre a Vitres… Beauty and Terror Dance

Best Comments #3 Dorothy Parker’s love poems

So (at last) another of the most interesting/thought-provoking/informative comments to come in over the first twelve months of THE BAZ’s online life. This one is from the reader known as “Parkerfan,’ who, on  Sep 11 last year wrote in to say…. “…I have a question for Marcia (or anyone who can answer)Years ago now, I read I somewhere that a number of Dorothy Parker’s poems in the volume “Death and Taxes” were dedicated to and written for Basil Rathbone in the late 1920s. I have always “known” this but now I can’t find any reference for it, Yet I am absolutely _certain_ I read it, and even annotated my personal copy of D&T with the information (I still have that copy and the annotations are there so I’m not imagining it!) The poems I annotated as having been written for him were “Purposely Ungrammatical Love Song.” “Little Words” and “Grande Passion.” Can you help me with any background to this?…” Then in a follow-up PF posted the poems she believes were written for him… “…In …

Happy First Birthday to Us

Yes, one year ago today the very first post on THE BAZ was launched into the ether. 1.45pm. June 30 2012. This was it… I had no idea when I rather nervously clicked “Publish” that twelve months later we’d have over 1,000 followers and be talking to would-be biographers, get involved in research and all the rest of it. And I had no clue I’d start receiving so many interesting emails, comments and messages. Or make such great new friends. It’s been a huge experience, and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone involved. I hope The Baz himself, wherever he is, is a little bit pleased too… Anyhow, if you remember, a while back I started a series of “Best Comments…” and I thought today, to celebrate our birthday I’d publish a couple more. So, look out for them later today 🙂 PS – I drew the birthday cake on my Mac. And I don’t have a mouse, just a track pad. So it’s rustic 😉