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Films Rathbone Almost Made

Have you ever thought about movie roles that Basil tried out for, but didn’t get, or roles that he was offered, but declined? And then there were films Basil was contracted to do, and for some reason the film wasn’t made, or it was made and Rathbone wasn’t in it. In this post we will take a look at Rathbone’s close encounters with the following films: The Hurricane The Gamblers The Knight and the Lady Victoria Docks at Eight The Hunchback of Notre Dame It Can’t Happen Here Lady of the Tropics Dark Victory The Boudoir Diplomat Reunion in Vienna Blood Beast Terror One of those films was The Hurricane. (See In 1936 producer Sam Goldwyn was eager to give Rathbone a role in the film, but he wanted Rathbone to sign a four-year contract with his company. Rathbone didn’t want to sign the contract, so that role went to someone else. See “Was Basil Rathbone a Diva?” In April 1937 The Film Daily announced the following: “Feodor Dostoievsky’s celebrated novel ‘The Gamblers,’ will be directed …

Nunc Dimittis for Gisborne

What I like most about this, apart from the music, is the gorgeous b/w stills. So crisp and modern-seeming. It’s also nice to have a tribute to the passing of poor Sir Guy. When I was a kid it always bothered me that no one seemed to mourn him in the end. I’m also launching THE BAZ on Youtube. I have so many of his movies and other goodies, many of which are public domain now, I thought it would be good to have a proper place to put them. So, “NUNC DIMITTIS FOR GISBORNE” and Hally’s lovely Sherlock Holmes video are the first offerings. 🙂 Come and subscribe! And if you have any vids you think belong on BR’s channel, then let send ’em over. BTW – it’s worth watching this in HD if you can.

Sunday Pic #9: slashy Zorro

A couple more pics that readers have asked me to feature. Being gorgeously colorized “collages” from THE MARK OF ZORRO. Scenes that some think ought to have been in the movie. Let’s be honest, we’d rather watch these two than one-step-up-from-actual-wallpaper Linda Darnell wouldn’t we. Yes we would. I’m not sure if the person who sent them to me also made them – but thanks to Avocado. 🙂 Edit for update to include this lovely enlargement sent in by Hot Chick: