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Sunday Pic #14

Marcia has suggested this pic, partly because of its prettiness and partly on the off chance anyone can tell us anything about its origin. The dedication reads “to Sophie, thank you for your beautiful work. Basil Rathbone/Christmas 1929“. B is obviously in some kind of costume, but for what? The only movie he made that year was THE LAST OF MRS CHEYNEY, but he doesn’t wear anything like this Spanish-type deal in that. So…what is it? Any clues or suggestions welcome. Meantime, admire… (And apologies for comments having been turned off much of the time over Thanksgiving. They are back on properly now). And welcome to all the new followers who have been signing up lately!

“the white flame of his creative genius”

Our frequent commenter known to us as “Basil” or “Mikufan” has sent me some great high res photos of the poetry book she has that was bought originally from Rathbone’s estate. So here they are. The book, THE DEATHLESS FLOWER was apparently given to Rathbone by the author herself. And the dedication reads “to Basil Rathbone who leaves the white flame of his creative genius burning in the memory of his listeners“. The author’s name is Ida Elaine James. So if anyone knows or can discover anything more about this lady, if she was a friend of Rathbone’s or if he just liked her work, let me know. Of additional interest is the fact that someone – very likely Basil – has underlined certain passages from the poems in pencil, as you’ll see in the scans below. Much thanks to “Basil” (and her dad) for going to the trouble of photographing and uploading these. Alyssia might want to take note of how it’s done. πŸ™‚

Errol Flynn’s home movies?

The other day I had an email from an author and film-blogger asking an intriguing question. I can’t answer it, so I’m copying the relevant part of his email here to see if any of my readers can offer info or leads… “… I know the Baz was an avid home video maker. Are there any around with him and Errol Flynn? I read that they went boar hunting together amoungst other things. All of EF`s home vids have been purchased by Roddy McDowall and are restricted fom public viewing. Does anybody of your community know why?… I hope you can clear these things up for me…”

Sunday Pic #6 and an enquiry from a reader

Comments are still being weird, I’m sorry, but I’m doing my best to look into it. Anyhow today being Sunday, I thought I’d upload a pic for your delectation. I’ve chosen a really high res photo from that currently lost classic THIS MAD WORLD, in which BR plays a French spy who begins a passionate affair with the wife of a German officer during WW1. It all ends badly, as you can imagine, with the Baz confessing he accidentally killed her bro (I think it’s her bro), and her thusly ratting him out as a spy to the Bosch, him subsequently getting shot at dawn and her angsting about it all. (to view this in its full glory click on the pic and then download it, it’s so high res you can even see his stubble :)) Sounds like an absolutely perfect accompaniment to chocolate and/or a nice bottle of red doesn’t. It’s not going to surprise us, or make us worry or think too much. It’s just gonna do its weepy old thing and …