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The Show Goes On

Tomorrow is Basil Rathbone’s birthday, so of course I’ve been thinking about him.

I came across an amusing article telling about how Basil Rathbone was being mistaken for other celebrities while he was vacationing in New York City in 1938.
Here is a link to the article:

One of the celebrities he was mistaken for was Philip Merrivale.

Basil was understandably baffled. He didn’t think he looked anything like Philip. Neither do I!

Another celebrity doppelganger was Ian Keith.

What were the people thinking? Basil and Ian look nothing alike!

The confusion continues today. A photo recently found on eBay was identified as Basil Rathbone. I don’t know who the man is, but he is not Basil:

And this photo of another actor who actually did resemble Basil was discussed earlier on this blog (see the post  https://thegreatbaz.wordpress.com/2014/06/01/sunday-pic-16/ ):

Here, of course, is the real deal:

I’ll end this post with this lovely description of Basil (from the article mentioned above):
“Quite effortlessly, quite unself-consciously, he gives an impression of great sophistication and great charm. His energy is enormous and so is his enthusiasm for new ideas.”

Happy Birthday, Basil!




  1. marciajessen says

    Sorry about the delay in comments appearing! I wasn’t getting any notification that I had to approve comments. I’ve changed the settings. Yes, I agree that the man in tights could be Peter Cushing. I can see more of a resemblance to him than to Rathbone!


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