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Happy Baz Day

Yes, it’s Basil Rathbone’s 122nd birthday!

So here’s a reminder of why he was and always will be the GREAT BAZ……








rathbone c 1924











candids button


Screen shot 2013-10-27 at 11.54.53


Happy Bday Mr Rathbone


  1. GRETCHEN says

    Whoa….this new site-format is a bit DIFFERENT—wouldn’t you say, folks?? 😮

    Everything’s just so……..BIG.


  2. GRETCHEN says

    Here’s a somewhat belated:

    MERRY * CHRISTMAS to all,
    and to all, a HAPPY * NEW * YEAR!!! 😀

    Hoping everyone’s HOLIDAY * SEASON is filled with JOY, LAUGHTER, and LOVE——and lots of PRESENTS!! 😉


    • Hey Countess. It might be quiet but you’re not alone. We still get 50+ visitors a day even though I haven’t updated in ages. I do apologize to everyone for my tardiness!


      • countess says

        merry Christmas!! haven’t up dated in ages ??? gasp don’t tell s ya have fallen out luv with our fave Holmes..say it isn’t so joe say it snt so…


    • GRETCHEN says

      I was wondering the same thing…… Pink Floyd says: “Is anybody OUT there”?? 😮


  3. GRETCHEN says

    Hope you all had a wonderful (and tasty) THANKSGIVING holiday!! 🙂

    Was flipping through the channels and saw “The Last of Mrs. Cheney” on TCM, the other day—I got REALLY excited; until I noticed it was the later version, with Joan Crawford and William Powell—meh. >:P


    • Ellen Foley says

      Just finished watching A Notorious Affair,and set the dvr just in case for Confession at 2 this afternoon-Kay Francis Day on TCM.He was as handsome as any leading man in ANA,but how could anyone stand such a sniveling spoiled brat?Kay was a real maneater in that film,no wonder he collapsed from exhaustion and had a nervous breakdown,after deserting Billie Dove.She really deserved better reviews for her work in the film,too,not just Kay & Baz.


  4. GRETCHEN says

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    In Solemn Remembrance Of ALL Those Military Who Have Died In Service To Their Countries, Those Who’ve Passed-On During Peacetime, And Those Who Continue To Live With The Constant, Agonizing Reminders Of War:

    Basil, his brother John, my Grandpa and my Dad, to name a few. 😦


  5. countess says

    and I have some pics I managed to get off ancestory of Basils family if any one wants to see them i’ll post to pintrest and link here..gots lots of Frank too. I’m slow at replying cause I don’t have home net any long got to pricey well around here any how.


      • countess says

        I am gonna get on it I haven’t had time and with the holidays well we all know that song by hart I’m sure. sung to the tune of ‘I’m downright busy for Christmes..” I work in retail and well..


  6. MIKUFAN says

    I went to Stratford upon Avon last week, in one of the museums there they had a display about Sir Frank Benson! (There was even more of a likeness between him and Baz than I thought. ._. )


    • countess says

      Cool! Yes there def is a great resemblance of Basil to his cuz.Frank. did you take pics? would they let you? some musumes in usa let you some wont. I was beginning to think you all had gone away.


  7. GRETCHEN says

    Today’s the 21st anniversary of Vincent Price’s death……SADDEST. DAY. E V E R. 😦


    • GRETCHEN says

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      😮 HAPPY 🙂 HALLOWEEN!!!!! 😮
      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      It’s just NOT the same without Basil and Vincent around……but, at least we’ve still got all those goofy old “horror” flicks of theirs to watch!! 😉


    • GRETCHEN says

      Ooooh……..just finished (dreamily) watching “Sin Takes a Holiday” on TCM, a few hours ago—-however, I CANNOT comprehend—-why, oh WHY doesn’t she choose the (EXTREMELY) eager and love-struck (not to mention WAY MORE handsome, intelligent and mature) Baz, over that OTHER nincompoop???? I mean, he’s practically BEGGING her to sleep with him, and even wants to MARRY her (which would be every SANE woman’s dream come TRUE); yet, she turns him down……what the HECK??!! I wanted to jump into the TV at the end when Basil’s finally given-up on her, grab him in desperation, and plead: “Take ME! She doesn’t know what she’s MISSING!! PICK MEEE!!!”

      That’s the one part I HATE about this storyline. Other than that, it’s pretty sexy (but, ONLY the scenes with Basil in them). 😉

      And, speaking of SEXY….

      I saw “The Last of Mrs. Cheyney” a couple months back, also on TCM—it was SOOO worth waiting for that adorable hug at the very end (pictured in the gif above)! OMG…when strikingly-attractive Basil first appears, prancing through those double-doors at the beginning of the film, my heart nearly leapt from my chest!! And later on, when he blows a ‘goodbye-kiss’ as he’s leaving the room, I melted. WHOA—if I’d been working on that set, I’d get all flustered and wouldn’t know what to say or do, whenever HE was around; my GOODNESS!!! 😮

      *secretly blushes EVERY time Basil’s in a scene during this movie (or ANY movie, for that matter)*


  8. Ellen Foley says

    Anyone watch GONE GIRL?That wife,Amy was a borderline personality,and as was said elsewhere,that husband was trapped because he would’ve caused himself so much grief if he LEFT her,like someone else we know.


  9. MIKUFAN says

    I really need to know where this gif is from, because I’m pretty sure it’s not from one of his films….


    • GRETCHEN says

      Looks like that’s Jimmy Stewart talkin’ to Baz……wonder if this was candid footage from some event they attended together, used in a newsreel?

      BTW, what’s with this recent thing where it only shows a FEW of our newest comments, then we have to click on “older comments” to see the rest?? I suppose it stops the script from running FOREVER like it usually does, every time we enter a page (although I have ‘super high-speed internet’, it can take several seconds to load, sometimes).


    • That’s Robert Montgomery on the left. Could it be from one of the “Hedda Hopper’s Hollywood” newsreels? It’s difficult to tell where they might be. Santa Anita racetrack, perhaps?


    • Ellen Foley says

      Wonder why Baz is the only one w/o a hat.Was he running to post ORs bets at the racetrack,or was this for a radio show or something else?


  10. countess says

    hmm I re-found out something I had forgoton. and a small plea Patrisha Morrison ;the pretty actress in “woman in green’ once recorded a songi’m a bit ifyf on the title but am still checking for xcat title.. something like” never leave me” or” never let me go”.. song was orignaly a poem written by my “other” of author would be Gladys Reasoner..can any one on hear find me a copy of song? NO I have never heard it.Cant even hum it sorry but with all the “Sherlockiens” out ther perhaps one of you has heard it.


    • MIKUFAN says

      I think there’s a guy on youtube that interviewed her a little while back, as far as I know they’re still in contact, so it might be worth maybe contacting him?


  11. the countess says

    my sis went to see Wicked on the stage said it was great..never saw it myself…then again I have played a witch and espicly that one, at haunted hayride, so OFTEN that i’m down right SICK of her and understand just how Basil felt about Holmes when it comes to that.


    • GRETCHEN says

      When I went trick-or-treating as a kid on Halloween, there was this ONE house I always dreaded having to knock on the door at.

      Every year, the middle-aged couple who lived there would totally EMBARRASS me with their super-corny, WAY over-the-top hammed-up ‘performances’:

      Once, one of them answered the door dressed in a FULL gorilla suit; they screamed like an ape and jumped up and down for several seconds….supposedly, to ‘frighten’ me. I just stood there blushing, feeling really STUPID, and wished it would all be over soon.

      Another time (and even MORE hokey), the wife was the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ (everything down to the fake nose, wart and all), and her husband had on the whole ‘Count Dracula’ get-up. While he stood ‘menacingly’ behind her staring at me, she goes: “Heh-heh-heh! Oooh….and what do we have HEEERE?? A black cat, eh? Heh-heh-heh!”, rubbing her clawed green hands together and putting-on the old “Hello, my Little Pretty” type of act. (I usually wore either a black cat or a witch costume most years, ’cause those were the quickest & easiest to put together—thankfully, I wasn’t a witch THAT year!) And I said: “Yeah, I’m a black cat.”—while secretly thinking to myself: “Oh BROTHER! Just please, PLEASE hand me the candy already, so I can get OUT of here!!”, mentally rolling my eyes. O__O

      That was the SCARIEST part of Halloween! 😮


      • the countess says

        omg a gorilla suit…one of my neighbors decided to dress up like swamp thing, once, and skulk around the neighborhood in a full camo outfit the kind with all the fringes and moss hanging from it..could have been cool but..1. our ‘scardy cat’ town holds trickertreat in the mid of sat aft. in broad daylight and 2. ive known this guy for YEARS sence he was a kid ..I was his babysitter.. so jezze lousie I broke his heart when he swamped up to my pourch where I was passing out candy..being all slobbery and swampy menacing and I say ‘oh hi Jay want some candy..thats a great coustume..wheres your kids’ ‘like oh stink howd ya know it was me?’ ‘like I wouldn’t know ya in a camo outfit’


      • Ellen Foley says

        That’s why I refuse to be the one to answer the door onHalloween,feeling foolish for not knowing what to say,and fearing being egged or something for feeling so awkward.Never liked going T-orTing as a kid because the older kids stole our candy and beat up on us.


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