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Sunday Pic #16

Marcia has suggested I post this and see if any of the fans out there has suggestions and answers.


Is the person above Basil?…..

I mean the guy on the right, not one of the people wearing hats. The photo is being sold HERE, and has this description:

“8h824 STAGE DOOR candid 8×10 still ’37 visitor Basil Rathbone talking to showgirls on set by Miehle!”

The seller also adds this:

“….Note that this is an incredibly perplexing still! Why do I say that? Because it has the still code “SD”, and it is identified on the back as being an RKO still from 1937. Stage Door WAS made by RKO in 1937, but the front of the still shows Basil Rathbone, who had nothing to do with this movie! Plus the showgirls on the still are no one we recognize. So what movie is this from? Rathbone didn’t make any movies for RKO during this time, and the ones he did make don’t look right for this. Our guess is that he was a visitor to the Stage Door set…..”

Hmmm…But does it show Baz? Marcia isn’t sure, and neither am I. It looks like him. But not so obviously like him that it has to be him. For one thing the guy looks a little older than Rathbone did in 1937. For another, what is he doing on the set of STAGE DOOR?

So….what do you guys think? is it he? Is it just someone who looks quire a lot like him? Any reader got any additional info on the background to the pic?

BTW, here’s the back view…



  1. MIKUFAN says

    He looks like Basil, but a touch too ugly to actually BE him. No offence, Mystery Man. u_u


  2. It looks like him, but at the same time it doesn’t. I saw it mentioned that it didn’t look like his arms. I agree. I go for it’s not being him. (also, sorry Neve that I have been so absent of late. I’ve been busy.)


  3. countess says



  4. countess says

    lookie what happens when I’m gone. Not Adolph..and if that’s a random stage hand he’s on the wrong side of the camera. Being logical we know 1. not Basil’s bro John he was killed in the war. 2. not Basils dad Edgar was dead too. 3. Not Basils son,Jr. is younger and dosent realy have his dads profile to the same xtent. 4 not the one other family member of Basil’s who is that closely related that being Sir Frank Benson,who can def. be mistaken for Basil .But this is def Not Frank. Who in Hollywood looks like Basil..well Vincent Price,think we can all agree its not Vinny. David Nivien but he’s too young. C. Aubry Smith..but C. is to old.Thers a silent pic star who resembles him, whos name escapes me at the moment, but I don’t think he made any talkies. I realy want to say it’s Basil.. the one thing that makes me think no is the slope of mystery mans forehead.but it could be the angle of the pic. I’m voteing yes. and if he’s not then I think we found a separated at birth Rathbone. why COULDNT he have been on the set? whould be the next ?.Whats his alibe for not being there.i have seen a lot of pic on ebay saying there of Basil and it’s Errol Flyn,or David or Ronald Colman.but rarely one that is this close that’s not him. and def none of them are Weedy unless she had a head transplant and a whole body transplant at the same time.


  5. Best Boy says

    Doesn’t look much like either of them, probably a random stage hand


  6. Claude Rains says

    It’s Menjou. Though he lools a lot thinner in the candid than he doies in the portrait pic


  7. Hmmm well. WordyBirdy has suggested that the guy in the pic is Adoplhe Menjou, who was indeed in STAGE DOOR, and Gretchen suggested we compare the ears to see if Mystery Guy might really be Baz. So, here’s an initial effort. What do you guys think? The ear comparison could be clearer, so maybe I could do another side-by-side using Marcia’s pics, but tbh, I think Mystery Man’s ear doesn’t look much like either of them – and actually Adoplhe and Basil both have pretty similar ears anyway! You could almost believe he and Adolphe were related.


  8. wordybirdy says

    If you look at the original film poster on IMDB, a drawing of he-who-resembles-the-Baz is on it. It’s actually Adolphe Menjou, one of the leads in the film. Google for images of him, and sideways on he does closely resemble Rathbone.


  9. GRETCHEN says

    The ONLY way to tell for certain, is to use the method Basil himself mentioned in one of his Sherlock Holmes films—study the EAR in this pic, and match it to the same one in a known pic of Baz. (Make sure the photos are not reversed while doing so—ones with writing somewhere in them will give you a hint—the lettering will appear backwards when in reverse. If you’re unsure, just check BOTH ears to see if there’s a match to this pic.)

    Many people LOOK similar, but ears are like fingerprints—no two are alike. Besides the ears, you can examine the shape of (or even measure) the nose, eye-orbitals, jawline and skull. The physical appearance, bone-structure and size of the hands or feet can sometimes reveal a person’s identity. When someone is laughing or smiling in a photo, the placement and shape of the teeth can be used. Taking an enlarged transparency (or possibly a tracing) of the unknown face and laying it atop another enlarged photo with the same size and view of the known face, will line-up the two in unison when placed together, if they are of the same person.

    These are also great ways to identify a missing and/or deceased individual, several years later………hmmm…I watch WAY too many forensic shows. 😉


    • Campbell says

      Genius, you are.

      “I watch TV! I know how to treat people!”
      -Shelly, _Northern Exposure_


    • Great idea about studying the ear, Gretchen! Below are links to two photos of Basil on Compare the ears to this “Stage Door” photo. I think Basil’s ear is different! Therefore, this isn’t Basil.


    • Claude Rains says

      No that is not Ouida, and I don’t think that’s Rathbone either. Those arms are not ripped enough. Rathbone had very god arms.


  10. Benji says

    I think that’s the Baz. That profile is unmistakable. Probably checking out the gorgeous girls on the set 😀


  11. Quietus says

    How intriguing. My thought would be could it be that chap who lived with Basil and apparently looked a lot like him? What was his name? Jack something?


  12. Harmonica Joe says

    I agree with Black Cat. The guy looks too old. it could be Basil if it was when he was in his mid-sixties, but not when he was still relatively young.


  13. Elaine says

    Oooh. I don’t know. I look once and think it has to be him and then I look again and something doesn’t seem right


  14. Devil Doodoo says

    It’s not Rathbone. It could be a relative maybe? Was his father still alive, or did he have a brother?


  15. I don’t believe this is Basil. This guy is older, & I don’t think the nose is right. Plus, the arms look a little less muscular – not that Basil’s were bulky, but I think these arms have less definition, as one might see in an older man. Granted, it does look a lot like him, but I say no.


    • Jemma Wise says

      I agree about the arms. And the guy just doesn’t look enough like him. Plus he looks like he has a job to do, like he i working back stage or behind the camera


  16. Campbell says

    Scratch that second part- I thought it could be back stage, but it’s pretty obvious that it’s a movie set at RKO. Still, de Grasse?


  17. Campbell says

    It _may_ be Robert de Grasse, the cinematographer, tho it’s hard to find a good pic to compare… does it say, “1937?” I can’t read it. If not, could it be the stage door canteen during the war? The photo looks a bit earlier than 1941, but Baz did work starting in 1939 for the war effort…


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