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Two captures from Baskervilles

Terrific caps from Fiction for Life.




  1. Hello, I just hopped over to your website thru StlemubUpon. Not somthing I would normally browse, but I appreciated your views none the less. Thank you for creating something worth reading.


  2. the countess says

    Is that the modern series with cars and in modern day england? Becasue I was disapointed in that one for sure. But I did like the new[er] movie where he was fighting a T.Rex,and Moriaty who was his bro far out as it was.I did find it enertaining.


  3. A Benny Fan says

    Oh my goodness what an very attractive Holmes he made. Definitely the sexiest up until Benedict!


      • rosebette says

        The Robert Downey movies are just action pictures with a character called Sherlock Holmes, but they aren’t the real thing.


        • That is exactly how I feel about the television series “Elementary.” I like it! It’s a great show with characters that happen to have the same names as Conan Doyle’s characters, but they are not at all the same!


        • Mikufan says

          Tell me about it, I switched it on feeling really excited and ended up feeling really let down in the first 30 minutes.
          But he looks much better than Benedict Cumberbatch. As awesome as the BBC Sherlock is.
          Speaking of which…
          (Don’t worry Benny-fan, I’m not suggesting anything. 😀 I have a friend at school who’s nuts on Benedict, I need to show her this! xD)


  4. the countess says

    Pic 2 I’m drooling..egads the fangirls return..all you guys get ready to complain..were gona gush again!!!


  5. rosebette says

    Just saw Adventures of Robin Hood on TCM for the zillionth time. He looked great in Technicolor, and he was really in his physical prime in that movie, I think.


  6. Ursula says

    God, he was so sexual. Just standing there, he emanates so much erotic charge. Makes my heart jump. How does he do it?


    • GRETCHEN says

      I KNOW, Ursula……you can just tell how VERY sexual Baz must have been in real life—he makes a girl wanna JUMP him, with nothing but a slight glance in her direction!! 😮

      He has this sort-of invisible “energy” about him. I mean, EVERY time I see him in a film (or photo), or I hear his amazing voice, I feel this EXTREME shyness come over me—I’m suddenly feverishly HOT, and I sometimes begin to sweat. Even as a little KID I felt this way about him (AND Vincent Price!), and I STILL DO.

      If I were to have seen Basil at a party or something, I’d probably have secretly watched him while HIDING behind the leaves of a giant decorative palm-plant way in the back corner of the room, so he wouldn’t notice me……all the while wishing and HOPING that he’d somehow magically come up to me at some point during the night, seem interested, introduce himself, and ask me my name. I’m THAT shy when I really care for someone! (I guess that’s why I’ve never met a guy like Baz, before—either that, or perhaps it’s because I’ve never been to a “fancy” party, before.) 🙂


      • Mikufan says

        You wouldn’t be able to hide behind that plant I’m afraid, because I’d already be hiding there. ಠ_ಠ


        • the countess says

          Take heart. In old early talkies the mics werent very good so you had to be close for them to pick up your voice..often they were “hidden” in a plant.You can often find the mic by watching to see where people stand when they talk.If you notice that people keep walking to the same place to you have found the mic. besure the mic is in the plant your standing behind and Basil will be returning to your plant when ever he has a line.


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