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The Week(ly) Links

So, inspired by the example of other and better bloggers, I thought I’d start a weekly (more or less) list of noteworthy Baz-related links.

CANADIAN CINEPHILE has a review of The Adventures Of Robin Hood


And of Captain Blood


CROSSED SWORDS also reviews Captain Blood


The same site also has a brief overview of Rathbone’s life and career (minus one point for omitting to link to us, but otherwise pretty fair :D)


FORGOTTEN FILMS reviews The Black Sleep and finds it strangely wanting (have to agree with that)


ANNE, JAMES & WALT review Ichabod and Mr Toad


MY OLD ADDICTION briefly reviews If I Were King and finds Rathbone’s performance “mannered and annoying.” Again, I really have to agree.


All for now. I’ll bring more as interesting ones present.


  1. Ellen Foley says

    This blog has never been unfair to BR or for that matter OR.The facts have been presented,take ’em or don’t look at ’em.BR has never been presented as the man he really was,and I agree with many others here,if he was or wasn’t bisexual,there’s nothing wrong.If that’s why OR went after him to marry,spending every red cent he earned when they could’ve been comfortable in their retirement,something he never seemed to get to experience,I don’t think his lifestyle choices should’ve entered into an excuse for her OCD to go way into hyperdrive and bankrupt him.And I come from a family with mother/granny who were compulsive shoppers/spenders.But they never put their husband into the poor house,or made them work when practically on their deathbeds.She clearly knew no restraint,and just seems to me like she was punishing Baz for being human,a man with needs.Ifit were me,I’d have my crying periods,but I wouldn’t resort to a figurative murder of sorts (as in murder one’s credit score,their reputation).If she needed attention,go to do charity work.Maybe the need to kill his paychecks putting on parties that he could care less about was some kind of career sabotage or personal sabotage (to ruin his good name/reputation as genuine kind person,think she so had him beaten down).That pic of them seated at a table with champers,some party methinks,he looked like he couldn’t wait for photo to be snapped so he could get away from her.And that pic def looked like before the marital discord began,the big blowup when she knew divorce was around the corner.


  2. GRETCHEN says

    On Alyssia’s FAKE BLOG about Basil Rathbone, she mentions she’s offended that other people are supposedly taking those actors who have died (such as Basil, Danny Kaye, and Sir Laurence Olivier) and falsely “rebuilding” them into someone who’s considered “modern”, “cool” and “in style”, by calling them “bisexual” or saying they were “into drugs”.

    Um, EXCUSE me?! 😡

    So Alyssia thinks that being a bisexual person or being addicted to drugs is what society assumes to be “modern, cool, and stylish”?? I guess she’s never heard of something called a FACT, which in this case would be that a person is BORN bisexual (gay, etc.), and therefore cannot be WRONG or disgusting because of it; and, addiction is a GENETIC predisposition called an “addictive-personality”! There is a 50% chance that an addict’s child will be born an addict.

    These aren’t things that are “purposely” done simply for the sake of being “cool”—in FACT (once AGAIN), most people who are addicts or have different sexual-orientations than are considered “normal” or “acceptable” by the completely IGNORANT such as Alyssia, are horribly ridiculed and even treated as OUTCASTS in certain communities…namely by those fanatics who think SO very highly of themselves that they claim to be “TRUE Christians”. I call them HYPOCRITES.

    Jesus wouldn’t have judged others like that, and HE was really a TRUE Christian—since He was Christ, and all! 😉

    As for the whole “modern, in style” thing; SURPRISE, Alyssia! People have been bisexual, gay, lesbian, and addicted to substances/behaviors since the beginning of MANKIND. I wouldn’t exactly call that a “new fad” or anything, so you can end THAT ridiculous argument, as well.

    Now, if ANY of the above-mentioned actors just HAPPENED to be born bisexual or had an addiction problem, does that make ONE tad of a difference in how positively you view them as God’s children, or your fellow human-beings? If it does, than YOU are the one who has the REAL PROBLEM.


    • the countess says

      I think he’s knida funny in it..He is suppoused to be Right?Could do without the stringy hairdo though.


        • Freddy Graham says

          Uhh Alyssiabasilone — the photo of “Basil’s Diary” on your blog is actually this diary here

          You’ve just downloaded it and Photoshopped some stuff on it.


            • Granny Gingrich says

              Yes! The writing at the top of both pages is identical.The clasp is identical. The shadow patterns are identical. It’s the same photo.


              • the countess says

                Def the same photo I blew it up and checked..also is NOT Basil’s in hand! I dont know who johnson is but the diary pages are talking about a trip someone took.They say nothing about Basil,Weedy Or anybody I could conect to them IMHO


                • the countess says

                  Yes I looked at it on your site Alyssia.And I have NOT NEVER EVER said or even insinuated Basil or Danny Kaye were gay with each other or anyone.Or even BI for that matter.Or that either were on drugs.I know NOTHING about Olivier.Nor have I ever claimed to. I know nothing about Danny Kaye’s privet life. But NO I dont belive Basil was gay or bi or on drugs.You can and hopfully will quote me on it! I’m not picking on you! I just want you to be as acountable for what you post as I have tried to be.As you ought to recall I have defended you more then once on here. About the pic of the diary..if it’s not Basil’s diary and it’s only a stock photo …you should say so.


                  • the countess says

                    I keep getting cut off silly coments,being bad again. Oh and that should ought to have read “”in Basil’s hand.” not “Basil’s in hand” Oh and I’m not picking on Weedy either..I’m only telling truths.Which seams to have been something totaly beyond her.I dont think I could have made up anything 1/2 as unbeliveable as the stuff she came up with on her one. rant over.


              • GRETCHEN says

                Aaahhh……HA!! 🙂

                Caught once again in ANOTHER one of your many lies, eh, Alyssia?? 😮

                “It will surprise many of you”…yeah—it surprises us that you think we’re that STUPID.

                At least TRY to do a decent job of faking “The Diary”—I mean, this is WAY too easy for us to figure-out…perhaps if you work on it HARD enough, you can attempt to fool a kindergartener next time, since this wouldn’t trick an INFANT!

                Baby-steps, Alyssia; BABY-STEPS. 😉


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