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This is a place to find most of the images uploaded on The Baz, from caps and stills to fan art and some of the bespoke artwork done for the blog. It’s eclectic and far from organised and even further from complete. For all of that you have to visit BASILRATHBONE.NET – whose image library is second to none. Still, I hope you enjoy browsing. It will be growing over the next few weeks as I have time to sort through the jumble of stuff on here, but here is a beginning.

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  1. Ellen Foley says

    Rarely is there a photo of BR & OR smiling.IAOOC stated how she “giggled” at something he said or did.Can’t believe she enjoyed or gave much pleasure to her longst marriage partner.Interesting,too about Bea as student/teacher at a school.Maybe if she was a part-time teacher that’s why she felt critical of Baz’s decision to leave Marian & Roddy.Think he punished himself enough for doing so w/o 2nd wife throwing it at him when he seemed ready for divorce-she didn’t seem to care too much about getting divorce from George Fitzy for such a dedicated Catholic.


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