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X Part IV

Continuing the transcribed interview with Madame X from PART 3

“…[so you said, after he spent most of July with you he went to Canada?]

On a War Bond drive.

[and Ouida went with him]

Yes. She wasn’t going, but then at the last minute she said she was. And…and when he told me that, something just flickered on and off in my mind…in the back of my mind. Some kind of little psychic warning thing. I just had a moment of…bad feeling about it.

[and how long had you and he been lovers by this time?]

Since February. So six or seven months.

[the time you told me about, the time she spoke to you at the War Relief function, when was that?]

Oh. Yes. That was in the fall, just before they left.

[and after he’d spent all that time with you at your beach house]


[so that all knits together]

Yes it does. When I told my mum she said, “I told you he’s trouble.”

[she didn’t like him?]

She liked him. She’d actually had a crush on him when he was on stage in London. She saw him in Peter Ibbetson. But he was married with a child. So he was trouble. After she knew about us she used to call him “HIM.” Never used his name. She’d say, “Are you seeing HIM? Is HE going to be there? Is HE staying over again. I know HE gives you a good time in bed dear, but is it worth it?” Mary…bless her.


[so what happened when [Basil] was in Canada?]

That was when Ouida told him she wanted him to stop seeing me. He said she never – ever – even acknowledged he was seeing this or that woman. It was…they never discussed it. She’d never wanted to discuss it. She was…it was “Do what you have to, deal with these gross physical needs, but don’t tell me.”

[But presumably she was used to them being pretty brief anonymous kind of things…]

Mostly, yes.

[and she must have known this was different]

It was probably not hard to work out.

[so, she asked him to stop seeing you]

Yes. They were in a sleeping car on the train to Calgary. She… asked him to stop seeing me and intimated she was prepared to have sex with him.

[so, she told him she didn’t want him to see you anymore and then said she’d sleep with him]

Yes. Well, she invited him to sleep with her.

[like a trade-off]

That’s how he saw it.

[and did he?]


[he turned her down]

Yes. I think he thought, “Alright, you can fuck me and I’ll try not to show my disgust,” was not a great turn on.


When he came home he told me. And it was only then, when he told me, that it really hit me, I was…I had no right to him. He was married. She had the rights. He had a baby. They’d adopted a baby together. I sat there looking at him when he was telling me, thinking, “I don’t know how to do this.” Trying to tough it out, trying not to cry like some pathetic child, and just feeling like the ground was giving way beneath me. I said, “So, is this it?” He said, “It should be, but I can’t do it.” I just…I was…I just thought, “Thank God, I don’t have to deal with it, not yet.”

[he didn’t end it]

No. It was…it was…”not yet…soon, but not yet. We’ll just have this time, or…we’ll just see each other once more.”

[did his wife think it was over?]

Well, yes.

[so at this point it’s crossed a line]


[a line he’d never crossed before]

Yes. He’d…always avoided anything…it was always friendly and, you know, women who knew the deal. Mostly they were just, a lot were just one night stands.

[sounds like a dream situation for most men]

Oh you know the irony though was he’d…he was trying to escape from that life by getting married. He’d wanted to…be faithful to her, but…

[Why do you think his wife wanted it this way?]

I…she…I don’t think she wanted him to sleep with other women, she just didn’t want him to sleep with her, and…she didn’t want to have sex with him, so giving him permission to satisfy the need elsewhere was a way of exercising some control. Better that than him doing it behind her back…or…I don’t know. The marriage wasn’t about…it was more like a business for her I think. And she’d invested in it, and wanted a secure return. That was her way of trying to shore it all up safely.

[why not just sleep with him?]

Don’t ask me…she found sex repulsive.


[ok…ok…so we are in the fall of 1941?]


[she’s asked him to stop seeing you, and tried to reinstigate a sexual connection, and he said, “thanks but…”]

No. Yes.

[and when he came home from Canada he told you about it]


[but you didn’t end it]

He you know…I was desperate to not lose him quite yet, to just hang on for as long as possible. And I was very young and I didn’t see…I didn’t see what…I didn’t think about what the lie meant for him and his marriage. I didn’t think of him in relation to this woman, only in relation to me. But he’d married her. They were raising a child. They had boundaries and he’d made promises to her that he was breaking. And all the construction of their lives was going to collapse as soon as she knew. You know maybe it was only fair I had my turn. Except when my husband found a woman young enough to be his daughter he just walked out the damn door and didn’t come back. [laughs]I used to think about Ouida then. She was still alive, living in New York. I used to think, “you know don’t you, and you’re laughing.”

[how long did it go on like that?]

I don’t remember. She found out eventually. And it was…after that it was just…it just went to hell.

[so at this point, when are we, still fall 1941?]

Around then. I was still on suspension. So, it must have been in October or early November.

[what happened?]

After she found out?


Oh there was a very big scene. She…was very upset. She yelled and cried and…attacked him. I mean she went berserk. When I saw him he had nail scratches, here…

[across his cheek]

Yes, deep. And on his neck. He just…she threw him out. She told him she wanted him to leave. And…

[he left]

Yes. She…he couldn’t talk to her. She was just screaming at him, “get out.” So, he got out. He stayed with the Bruces.

[for how long?]

I don’t know, a few weeks. She wouldn’t talk to him. She communicated with him via Bunny and Benita Colman. She said she was going to divorce him and he was going to be very very sorry.

[so she said she’d take his daughter away]

She said a lot of things. She was always threatening something. She said she would tell everything to the gossip columns, and she knew about his…obviously she knew names of…

[previous lovers]

Yes. And a couple of them…they were very big names and there were marriages and careers. And. So, it…it could have ended up hurting a lot of people.

[so what did he do?]

What could he do?

[and that’s when he asked you if you’d go with him to England?]

He talked about it. Because…well, it would have made things easier…if Ouida was going to tell all in public then it would have been…Louella would have been all over it…it. And…well you know in those days…

[it would have been hard for you especially as the “other woman” breaking up a family]

Yes…I…personally I didn’t give a damn…I mean it was a small price…because I thought…I really thought for that time we might have a future. I was just…I was…it sounds morbidly selfish but I was incredibly happy and full of joy. But yes it could…it would have been pretty nasty. So, he said…he thought I’d be shielded to some extent in England…and…and he wanted to go home.

[what did you say when he asked if you’d go?]

I said yes. I said I’d go with him wherever he wanted.


The image at the top of the page is a cap from “Madame X” (1920) starring Pauline Frederick



  1. Fervent Researcher says

    There was a mention of letters Basil wrote to Madame X. Can anyone tell me where I can find them?


  2. Where is Gretchen? says

    Where is the wonderful Gretchen? I adore her posts and the energy that pours out of them. My mornings are brighter for this wonderful blog and all the kaleidascope of lovely commenters


    • GRETCHEN says

      HERE I AM!!! 🙂

      Aww, shucks…it’s nice to know someone thinks I’m WONDERFUL.
      *Shyly blushes*

      I’ve always thought that Ouida wasn’t into sex. I mean, you can just FEEL it by looking at her…the COLDNESS—yet Basil is SO warm, SO sensual and sexual, when looking at him. Since the late ’90s, I’ve continued to wonder WHY this “couple” got married; staring at their photos, and NOT ever seeing a connection between them.

      Reasons a person is “disgusted” by sex:

      1) They were sexually/physically/emotionally/psychologically traumatized as a child, and can’t deal with the CLOSENESS of the act and the feelings it can provoke—as well as the loss of “control”, which can bring back memories of abuse, helplessness, and fear (like PTSD) .

      2) They were taught as a child that sex is “dirty” and/or “sinful”, and therefore feel deep GUILT while performing the act, or when becoming sexually-aroused—the association of “sin” with sex becomes instilled within the person’s subconscious, and they are unable to fully enjoy it as they should—denying both themselves AND their partner the “completion” which sex brings to a healthy love-relationship.

      3) They may have a true physiological brain-dysfunction, which can cause a person to feel “asexual”—to have a strong aversion to sex, or to take NO interest (or pleasure) in it, whatsoever.

      4) They could be feeling PAIN during intercourse, due to physical OR psychological problems, which can make a person uncomfortable enough to want to just “give-up” on sex altogether—rather than getting medical advise and/or treatment to resolve these problems.

      It’s likely Ouida was possibly abused or neglected as a child, because those are not ONLY causes for narcissism, but ALSO for a person to choose an abusive spouse. This would explain a LOT of her behavioral-issues.

      Being an “old-school” Catholic, she may have been taught that sex was “repulsive”, and that its ONLY purpose was for procreation…this could have led to a feeling of shame or embarrassment when the “obligation” to her partner needed to be met. She may have also seen the sex-act itself as “gross”—because of the bodily-contact, nudity, scents and tastes, and the fluids and secretions involved. She was probably VERY self (and body) conscious, both because of her weight, and her EXTREME insecurity due to her narcissistic personality-disorder.

      In either case, Ouida must have felt that sex was an “unnecessary” part of her life AND her marriage, and expected her husband to accept this, as well. She obviously didn’t realize that to Basil, sex wasn’t just a physical “act” like sneezing or going to the toilet—to him, it MEANT something. If she just lay there like a dead fish “waiting for it to be over”, with a look of “ewww” on her face, of COURSE he wouldn’t be turned-on! He really LOVED her, and wanted sex to be SPECIAL (and passionate) between them. Having empty affairs and one-night stands didn’t make him “happy”. What he wanted wasn’t just SEX—it was LOVE, and closeness to the one he loved. That’s why his relationship with “X” bothered her so much…he was HAPPY; because he was being totally FULFILLED by someone who cherished, nurtured, protected, respected, and LOVED him, in return—something Ouida could NEVER accomplish.

      As for the latest from Alyssia—“X” sure is mighty RIGOROUS when “coming-up with” all those MINUTE details of the affair “off the top of her head”, while being CANDIDLY interviewed—for someone who’s SOOO “deluded”!

      NO actor is THAT good!! (Not even BAZ!) 😉

      Now I’m REALLY starting to believe Ouida wrote that “diary”……so that others who found and read it someday would think she and her husband had always been just FINE—nothing to question, nothing to explain, nothing to cause anyone’s memory of her to be “tarnished” for all posterity. In other words, the way she’d WISHED for it to have been…perhaps she wrote it to make HERSELF believe this. After all, she KNEW he’d laid numerous other women during his lifetime, and yet this (so-far invisible) “diary” supposedly states that he’d NEVER had another woman besides his first wife, Marion—oh, and THAT marriage was of course, “a mistake”—unlike his WONDROUS life with Ouida.


      • Brad says

        The idea that Ouida suffered some form of abuse in formative years does seem to make a great deal of sense. I think in her photos sometimes one can see a kind of deer-in-the-highbeams look about her. She strikes me as someone who was rarely at ease, often afraid and unhappy. Perhaps the fact she looked for security in inappropriate things magnified her inability to grow or move on?


      • Odette says

        I thought Alyssia made up the diary, have I missed something? Has the diary turned up???


        • No the “diary” hasn’t turned up. I would be very surprised if it ever did. Your first assumption seems entirely reasonable. 🙂


          • GRETCHEN says

            I don’t think the “diary” will EVER turn-up……unless Alyssia’s frantically writing it at this very MOMENT, so she can fulfill her “promise” (which she made several MONTHS ago on this blog—and AGAIN just a few days ago) to finally SHOW it to us…so she won’t look like a FOOL!! 😉

            The idea that Ouida possibly wrote it is just ONE of my assumptions—in previous comments, I’ve mentioned that (if there even IS, or will someday BE a “diary”) it’s likely that Alyssia would’ve had to produce one HERSELF. She said that a “friend” of Basil’s and Ouida’s “gave” her some of his “private papers”, as well as this “diary”; which HE was attributed to have written over the span of many years’ time, during his relationship with Ouida.

            I highly DOUBT that!

            It’s more probable that either Ouida wrote it, PRETENDING Basil did, in order to reread it over and over to herself until she actually BELIEVED what it said about their “perfect” life together (so she could FEEL like everything was OK when it wasn’t)—that is, IF this “friend” of theirs really gave this stuff to Alyssia……OR, it’s possible that Alyssia made-up the ENTIRE thing, just to cause us to argue and make a fuss about something she KNOWS never existed in the FIRST place (to get her “kicks” from it)……OR, it all could have been FORGED by this “other person” she supposedly received it from (who may NOT have known the Rathbones), and THIS person invented the contents to pass it off as “authentic” to someone SO gullible and “in love” with Basil, that she’d believe ANYTHING she was told about (AND read in) these “documents”.

            However, the MOST realistic scenario to ME, is that Alyssia wants to feel and look “important” and “special”; so, she’s been pretending (since last YEAR) to “have” this personal stuff of Basil’s—JUST to make us all think: “WOW!!”—but, she slipped-up by telling everyone she was going to actually SHOW it to us. She had to think FAST, and come-up with an idea to waste time for MONTHS, until she could write the thing and “prove” she had it ALL along!

            She kept-on STALLING when confronted about this “diary” she constantly bragged about—even attempting to “pass-off” something written in GENERIC computer-font “handwriting” as though it were Basil’s (then DENYING she’d said it was an “actual copy” of a page he’d written, when people called-her on it)—and, also made occasional comments…usually defending HER personal belief that Basil and Ouida were “the HAPPIEST couple on Planet Earth”, and that Baz was some kind of “God-like creature of perfection” who could do NO wrong. I think she REALLY does believe this, but because there were NO facts to back it up, the whole “diary” thing was her way of PROVING to us that she just HAD to be right.

            All she had to DO, was create a FAKE “diary” that could pass as something he MIGHT have written……use his style of wording…throw-in some dates and facts to make it all seem “correct” and possibly true…change-around the “stories” to suit HER versions of his experiences…attempt to “imitate” his handwriting (not very WELL, of course—she says his KNOWN letters don’t match the writing in HER “diary”—another reason Ouida COULD have penned it…let’s just check some of Ouida’s writing against it, IF we ever SEE it). Then, TA-DA!!! Suddenly and MAGNIFICENTLY the amazing, heralded “diary” appears at long, LONG last; That’s when she can say: “SEE?? I TOLD you I had it! HA—I TOLD you he was WONDERFULLY happy, NEVER slept with ANY women besides his wives in his entire LIFE, and that Ouida was his DREAM come true!!”

            This “CUNNING” plan would have to be CAREFULLY thought-out, and well-executed……the PROBLEM is, the entire thing is SO RIDICULOUS it could NEVER work!

            I mean, for ONE thing, it’s pretty-much a KNOWN FACT in Hollywood circles that Basil was a “player”, and that his wife was a narcissistic spendthrift control-freak; TONS of people they knew as mutual friends/acquaintances have stated this on SEVERAL occasions, over SEVERAL years—they can’t ALL be lying, ALL the time. SECONDLY, why on EARTH would someone who wasn’t related to the Rathbones even HAVE Basil’s “diary”, and WHY would that person just “give” something SO precious away to ANOTHER person who never MET Basil?

            OKAY………so let’s just say that this “friend” of theirs exists, REALLY knew them, and somehow MAGICALLY got their hands on this “diary” and “papers” of Basil’s after he and his wife’s deaths—and for SOME strange reason, just decided to “give” them to Alyssia one day…it STILL doesn’t explain WHY or HOW these made-up stories and LIES would be written-down in a PRIVATE (not EVER meant to be seen by ANYONE but Basil) “diary”! Aren’t diaries those books where people are supposed to write about the stuff that ACTUALLY happened to them—and the super SECRET and most INTIMATE stuff, at that?? There would be NO need for him to LIE to HIMSELF about what he already KNEW was the TRUTH.

            THAT’S the part that makes absolutely NO sense!! That is, unless the “diary” and “personal papers” were written by Ouida (forged to LOOK like Basil wrote them), passed-on to this “friend” of the couple’s after they’d died (who had NO idea they were fakes), and were THEN handed-over to an unknowing Alyssia, who innocently believes EVERYTHING written in them…a VERY probable story.

            Of course, the MOST far-fetched possibility is that Alyssia HERSELF wrote an actual, PHYSICAL “diary” and “papers” as THOUGH she were Basil (or even believes she’s somehow “channeling” his spirit to write them), writes what SHE feels was the “ABSOLUTE TRUTH” about his life, but doesn’t KNOW she did it because she has a “split-personality”, and actually THINKS this “other person” gave her this stuff, when she gave it to HERSELF, “as” that other person…hmmm……

            NAH! That’s just WAY TOO WEIRD!!! 😮

            (Woah…I even overwhelm MYSELF with strange-thoughts, sometimes.) 🙂


            • Alyssia says

              I can quote from the diary right now and I can post a photo of the cover. You don’t know about my history so you are just jumping to conclusions. As a matter of fact I am very close family to Ouida and I have many many things left to me by her. I can prove that letter isn’t by Basil and I intend to do so. Ouida NEVER would have tried to kill herself. That is outraigous.


              • GRETCHEN says

                Has anyone ELSE noticed Alyssia’s “avatar” has changed SEVERAL times in the past year? It ONLY does that when a DIFFERENT e-mail address is used…seems kinda SHADY, to ME! 😉

                And suddenly, now she’s “RELATED” to Ouida……even SHADIER!! 😮

                PLUS, like I said above—IF Ouida tried to “FOOL” everybody by writing all that “goody-goody” stuff about she and Basil in this “diary” HERSELF, PRETENDING it was written by HIM, so that anyone reading it after their deaths would think they’d been just “hunky-dory” together—how can Alyssia be 100% SURE that what SHE has is HIS ACTUAL “diary” (and “personal papers”), or NOT?? Well, she CAN’T!!! Especially since she says that HER stuff “doesn’t match” his REAL handwriting…which is the SAME on EVERY letter/document of his I’ve seen online since the ’90s (when I began my “BAZ-QUEST” for more knowledge of his life-story).

                Someone here is LYING……and it’s NOT ME!

                Remember—Ouida wanted the whole WORLD to think she was a blessed “ANGEL”, and that Basil was, TOO. She’d be terribly EMBARRASSED if the TRUTH ever came-out about what was REALLY going-on. I’ll bet she destroyed ANY evidence she could find of Basil’s extramarital-affairs, that he may have been SAVING for “sentimental” reasons—letters, gifts, photos, DIARIES, etc.—after his death, to PROTECT his “sanctity”. And THEN, quickly got to work plotting to “TRICK” the planet into believing HER version of their “BLISSFUL” life with one-another.

                (I guess she duped Alyssia pretty GOOD!!) 🙂


                • To be fair, I think Alyssia has been using the same email address throughout her tenure here. WordPress “lost” a whole lot of profiles a while back which altered the avatars in some past posts, and in her last post today there’s simple a typo – hence the anomalous monster :). You are quite correct though, her story has changed numerous times and I for one am fairly sure we will never see that diary.


  3. FELIX THE CAT says

    This is heartbreaking and amazing. And than you to the webmaster for handling it so sensitively and academically. You did the right thing posting it. It deserves to be a part of his official biography.


    • Ellen Foley says

      Felix,how marvelously stated!Can’t wait to hear more of the story and everyone’s posts.Again,I say,it’s a pleasure to come to this site after seeing the news stories of the day with the vicious,insensitive remarks people make on those sites.No wonder the 12 yr old CT schoolgirl had to answer to police cuz her bullying of another schoolmate almost forced the girl to commit suicide!And those bikers (20-30) terrorizing a couple and their daughter,the husband ran over 1,fearing for their lives,they were chased after fender bender and had their car vandalized while trying to get to safety.What is this country coming to.With more coming out about that incident,hope that family no longer has to fear any other reprisals.Sorry,got off the path with that biker incident.Surprised,when I heard,that my friend (With the schiophrenic hubby wasn’t involved-since she went out West,she seemed to attract much negative karma,getting in people’s faces).


  4. Alyssia says

    I am going to tell the truth about X on my own blog. I have exactly what Basil thought of her from his diary and it reveals she was a sad deluded woman who fantasized about being his lover.


    • the countess says

      Please leave us a link Alyssia I cant even FIND your blog.I for one would like to here both sides of this saga if theres another side to be heard.


    • BazNiv says

      Hi, I searched for the diary at but couldn’t find it. Will it ever be released or is it out of print now in 2018? Did any of you buy this diary and can tell some more about it’s content? Thank you.

      I don’t dare to ask but… who is this “X”? Can you give me any hints, please?

      Wonderful blog by the way, I enjoy reading the articles aswell as the many comments here – very insightful!

      Warm regards from Germany to all fellow basil-crazy girls out there. 🙂


      • marciajessen says

        I have not seen any sign of the diary that Alyssia claimed to have. I suspect she was lying about it and she has no diary. Regarding Madame X, it really doesn’t matter who she is. The point of posting the letters and transcript was to share something important about Basil’s life and his feelings for someone other than his wife. Basil’s efforts to end the relationship explains why he left Hollywood in 1946 (an action that had mystified fans for years). It’s heartbreaking. Knowing the name of the woman changes nothing.


  5. Ellen Foley says

    Instead of threatening,she should just have filed for divorce (OR) and quit the histrionics,cuz the public would’ve turned on him.Whatever sympathy I had for St Ouida,she showed herself as an immature -.Errol Flynn called Lily “Tiger Lil”,what would one call OR for beating on him.No wonder Cyn was so scared,wet the bed when OR went off like she did.Did her suicide attempt come on same day as she attacked Basil?What scum the likes of Louella was,backstreet brawlers.Now,she’d have been arrested for a domestic (OR,that is,at least I think she would unless cops decided not to).Last Tango In Halifax,a delightful update on “As Time Goes By” on PBS is my next stop after reading about the claws coming out at night.And she sanctified his seeing other women,but as mentioned before when it also became an emotional involvement as well as physical,then it was wrong?Still OR must’ve thought herself the martyr and a great Catholic.I don’t see a great Catholic as divorcing one hubby,taking another and finding sex as repulsive as any martyr.Give me the sweetness of the renewed relationship of Alan and Celia in “Last Tango In Halifax” to restore calm.And please keep the series with X and Baz coming.Can hardly wait to hear more of this drama.All the while,throwing money away on parties,staring daggers at any woman (like Jen Jones in that staircase photo).


    • the countess says

      I can easily see the claws comming out on Weedy.Shes a redhead I speek from personal xperince about that.


      • Ellen Foley says

        Someone should’ve declawed her at the beauty salon.Can hear her raving after the scene of the attack,”He made me do it”.Consoling herself on a gallon of rum & raisin,nd a fifth


    • Ellen Foley says

      Watched SH and The Secret Weapon yesterday.That dumb “forward-swept do” in the first few SH series,but the profile shots of him,hubba hubba,one great looking man.What was OR thinking not sleeping with him,I’ve lived thru scary times with some partners,but still could take being there physically,being hit or not.And she seems to have battered her own hubby Baz,cuz I can’t see going after him claws out as anything but a sort of abuse.She told him find it elsewhere,he did,then flips out and attacks.Abused ex-wife or not,she had no call to fly at someone who seemed to be supportive of her,and stood by her when any of her other husbands seemingly would have said “Bye!See ya around”.She prob spent indiscriminately while separated from Fitzy,hoping he’d get stuck for bills,but someone maybe advised her to file bankruptcy before marriage to Baz was more than few months old.This is just IMHO,maybe I overstep my bounds,but have filed bankruptcy myself in the past,and had abusive (Verbal/mental and physically by ex-partners).Can do without a bully in my own life,and when I suspect that possibility,I walkAlso have known a couple quite well that had an almost “business arrangement” like OR/BR,she (one of my best friends) married this guy to be his conservator/advocate and made the terms clear to him,but he considered it a complete marriage,she ran around with anything,the things he threatened her with were criminal,and she dragged friends into the fray,and I felt severely threatened around this ex-Marine (he was schizophrenic,and no I’m not saying this about OR,just my friends).The point is,the couple needs to be very clear from the start,and in writing what’s brought into and what each one wants to get out of a more business-type relationship if no sex is to be involved in relationship.My friend didn’t trust where her husband had slept around,but he demanded to know her every move whenever out of sight,and even when in sight.He’s since passed on and she’s fighting.for Fed benefits,since he was Psych Disabled ex-Marine (Vietnam vet-nice guy on his good days).


      • the countess says

        Ellen some screen wrighter should follow you around with a pencile, your life would make a good soap opra.


        • Ellen Foley says

          Goodness knows I’ve tried journaling everything and I can’t put most of it to papaer,maybe OR could’ve been my Boswell.


      • Ellen Foley says

        Wish some screenwriter had penned all the drama and best drama queens I’ve had to deal with in my personal life.When talking to Counselors,all they say is “How long ago did this happen?Like it just goes away if ignored?” I only hope Cyn truly felt loved in her short life,it grieves me to hear what went on in same house with her,as a very young child,too.Why was OR allowed to adopt,must’ve had pretty powerful Attys.Sorry,that was not someone,no matter how much she seemed to want a child,that should’ve been granted an adoption.I know I’ll be criticized,but what he__ that little girl had to endure.But I defend my right to say it,and feel for Cynthia as a daughter whose mother was not there for her during pre-pubescence.But Cyn prob didn’t take you know what from anyone,if Baz’s story of her hitting a boy who picked on her at school. (my mother’s disabling car accident is my defense for speaking out of turn for Cyn,doubt if she ever had to doubt her dad’s devotion).


        • the countess says

          I think Cyn was loned if only by her dad.Look at the pics of them togather.I totaly love the candid of her running to meet him,at train station/airport whatever it is. Frozen right in the act of huging her and picing her up. look at this pic Weedy looks nervous [of course i might be to if Cyn was gonna break my neckless] but look at Basil look at that expresion. and the ones of him and her cuddelded up reading. I think we have way more then one eyewithess that Basil love kids why doubut he loved his own?


    • Ellen Foley says

      TCM talks about new to print,”Vivien Leigh An Intimate Portrait” wonder if it has any revealing gossip,or mentions her reading poetry on air with Baz.


      • the countess says

        Might be old news to you but her reading poetry with him is on youtube I dont have a link but its there.


  6. Glenys says

    Wow you get the impression of a true tragedy unfolding here. I am trying to figure the chronology with the films he was making at the time. Like I want to look at the movies and see if there’s some sign in his face of what he was going through off screen you know?

    What films was he making in the fall of 1941???


    • Celery Queen says

      TCM has a filmography here|18334/Basil-Rathbone/filmography.html

      Click on “Original print info” for each film and it gives the production dates. The movies Basil was making that cover the dates mentioned by X are:

      THE BLACK CAT Feb–March 1941
      PARIS CALLING 22 July—mid-Sep 1941
      FINGERS AT THE WINDOW 21 Dec 1941 –mid-Jan 1942


      • Jenny says

        I love him in The Black Cat. He is particularly sexy in it. Was this the movie he was making when he began his affair with Madame X?


        • Hally says

          I think so yes. X says he was at Universal Studios and The Black Cat was shot there. I love this so much. I am in love with it. I keep checking in on my phone while I’m at school to see if there’s anything new


      • Baz Fan says

        Whoa cool. I didn’t know that info was there. I am going to watch all these movies asap.


      • Ellen Foley says

        He’s the only reason I watched The Black Cat the 1st time.Then I watched it whenever it was on,cuz it was a hoot.Agree,he was sexy in it,even if not for a lot of movie.Loved Gladys as his wife,she was perfect,even if she thought he was a ham.And his girlfriends (in the movie itself,think he was the real catch of all the male characters/actors).Fingers,he was creepy,but great.Wonder if OR’s clawing his face was evoked when he seemed to act like he got hit in the fight with the heroine,that flinch seemed realistic to me (before rescue by Lew and police).Would love to see Paris Calling.


        • the countess says

          Ive seen P.C but not the other 2. It’s not bad.It will never be my fave Basil movie. He looks GREAT in it.


  7. Roberta says

    This series is gut-wrenching but unmissable. I am glued to my comp, looking for updates about ten times a day!


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