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Sunday Pics

Some more gems from Tumblr. FictionforLife posted these gifs and caps..

I find this one strangely breathtaking

This one is captioned “that maid is me” πŸ˜€


“Who knew puling out a card catalog could be this sexy”...

And how can I not include the amazingly talented artist “IReallyShouldBeDrawing” whose sketches of Rathbone as Holmes are some of the best studies of him I’ve ever seen.


I love this one as it’s a perfect and pithy commentary on the Baz’s strange drive to a kind of passive self-destruction. It’s simply captioned Fucking Finally”.



  1. the countess says

    espicly love the last one. Free at last. I got a kick out of this one should be called Basil opens Weedys latest credit card bill.Has anyone seen the life ins comerical on you tube. totaly funny. Basil has a wonderfull comic timeing watch the skit from milton berel show. and yet why is he never praised for it.Sometimes I understand his frustration about Holmes. think it was born of the frustation that says I can act in other things too ya know.


    • Ellen Foley says

      TCM Star of month of October is Vincent Price.Hope they play Tower Of London.Also,checking out Mickey Rooney/Baz show,there was also Tommy Kirk of OLD YELLER fame talking quite fondly of Baz,esp as reconteur (sp?)


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