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Hey all – you’ve noticed the blog being quiet for a spell and comments being turned off. I’m relocating and getting distracted with other life things. Things should settle down next week.

Keep visiting! πŸ™‚



  1. the countess says
  2. the countess says

    Anyone had a look at ebay this week tons of pics of Weedy when she was younger 1 with Fitzmaurice. most look like they were taken in a bedroom.Read whatever you wish into that one? Perhaps from some silent pic?


  3. the countess says

    IM BACK !!!!! Do Do Do Do .Realy My compuker is back up and running.Hazza!


  4. the countess says

    Dont ya just hate it when real life intrudes on fun..Good luck with the relocation,which i think is English for moving..which is a pain in anyones languish [yes i did spell it wright!:}. I will def keep checking !


  5. Ellen Foley says

    Figured it was Bank Holiday weekend.Good luck with reloc,and we’ll keep checking in!


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