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Blogathon Weekend


A reminder to everyone that this weekend (July 13-14) is the Dynamic Duos in Classic Film Blogathon.

Our boy is being featured twice. On Sunday July 14 this blog is looking at the Flynn/Rathbone duelling partnership, and tomorrow, July 13, We Recycle Movies is focusing on Rathbone’s other immortal screen-marriage, with Nigel Bruce.

So don’t forget to check that out.



  1. Ellen Foley says

    Like has been said before,Baz &Willie’s long friendship comes across onscreen,and I think much is said by Bruce’s statement that he was ready to stick his head in an oven and end it after a failed play made him depressed until Baz’s call to come to H’wood for SH series threw him a lifeline sums up how much they cared about each other.And Flynn,too bad it wasn’t as deep a friendship,but Errol’s personal life,his apparent bipolar disorder,and other issues made a lot of things difficult for Flynn.He didn’t have much chance to become as great as he could be because of “in like Flynn” distracting from the real Flynn,what could’ve been.


  2. GRETCHEN says

    Basil and Nigel— what a “BROMANCE”!!! πŸ™‚

    (Honestly…they were SO CUTE together!)


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