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The Baz on Tumblr

I’ve used a lot of photos from there, but I’m not sure how many of you know THE BAZ has a Tumblr presence, and there is a thriving and talented Basil Rathbone fandom on there as well as a great resource for some rarer photos.

Our URL is

Bookmark it!….and come and follow us on Tumblr too. It’s more pictorially-based, less wordy than WordPress, but it’s a good place for fans of classic movies or weird retro-ness of any kind. Browsing can get compulsive. You name it, there will be a tumblr tag for it. Trust me on this.

I’m starting a once-weekly update of what is currently running on our “other home.” So Sunday is now The Baz on Tumblr day… 🙂



  1. Margaret G says

    Yes, can we make a “gentleperson’s agreement” to keep off the issue of these lettters? It’s obvious that Marcia can’t discuss the matter and it makes me quite uncomfortable to think we might be intruding. I am very interested in his life story but I don’t want to know anything that is not freely publicized or that might affect the lives of others. We can’t know why names can’t be revealed and the more we speculate the more damage might be unintentionally done.


  2. Hannah says

    I just want to say I think all of Basil’s fans should respect the privacy of the people involved and not ask more questions about those letters or the person they were sent to


    • GRETCHEN says

      I know…TOTALLY!!! 😦

      I mean come ON, people! What is such a BIG-DEAL about WHO Basil had these affairs with?? I personally DON’T CARE one way or the other. It doesn’t make a DIFFERENCE whether we know her “NAME” or not. He had SO many affairs with SO many women in his lifetime…what does it even MATTER???

      I’ve been thinking for a WHILE now that this whole “WHO received these letters” thing is being quite DISRESPECTFUL of this person’s (AND her family’s) privacy, as WELL as Basil’s. If she’d like to remain “anonymous”, then so BE it. I feel privileged just to be allowed to SEE these letters, being it’s NONE of my business to pry into these OTHER people’s lives, and all. It’s such a PRECIOUS GIFT for us to have these pieces of someone SO special’s life-history— don’t turn it into CHEAP GOSSIP! I’m SURE they would not have intended for this stuff to EVER be seen or known-of by ANYONE. We should treat this information with the UTMOST respect, and be THANKFUL for such AMAZING and PRIVATE knowledge of Basil!!

      I’m not AGAINST everyone’s curiosity out there…just when it becomes a bit TOO intrusive! 🙂


      • Peg says

        Absolutely. We don’t even know why there is this restriction so it’s crossing a line to speculate IMO


      • Gabrielle says

        OK but I wanna make clear I was talking about the interview! I have intentionally kept away from the whole letters thing!


          • GRETCHEN says

            I wasn’t pickin’ on ya, Gabrielle…I know you were referring-to the interview.

            I was just answering Hannah’s comment above mine, which deals with the letters mentioned on the “Baz and Livvy Again” blog-page. Comments were closed on that page, so CONTINUING the conversation here, I decided to put my OWN opinion regarding those letters. A few people above spoke about them, as WELL.

            SORRY about the confusion! 🙂


  3. Gabrielle says

    I’ve been doing research into Madame X whose interview about Basil is here I have been comparing her sentence structure with other interviews with some o the ladies who have been suggested as being candidates, namely Olivia de Havilland, Linda Darnell, Hillary Brooke, Ida Lupino, Joan Fontaine, and of all of them one stands out as being overwhelmingly similar and a clear first choice. That one is Ida Lupino. Let me show you a comparison between an interview with Ida Lupino and the interview with Madame X. Not that they are saying similar things but that they use almost identical sentence structure.

    Madame X
    But the thing is people blamed her and that was never totally fair in my view because he had responsibility too. He helped create that situation. His friends didn’t really see that part of it. I guess they didn’t want to see that part. I saw that part of it yes. He let it happen. He let things happen, until when he wanted them to stop it was too late. It was just too damn late

    Ida Lupino
    So they took me to the drama coach. I found my self dancing on top of tables and doing things like Come On Marines and lying in lifeboats with Bing Crosby singing to me.

    Madame X
    She never spoke to me. You know actually I can’t remember her ever speaking to me…. We didn’t…we weren’t on a wavelength. She was a grande dame and…and I was, kind of a nobody. In her eyes. In her scheme of things. I wasn’t Hollywood royalty, so I was a nobody. You had to have butlers and things to be a somebody.

    Ida Lupino
    I played a streetwalker at the age of fourteen…seduced my own godfather. And Jack Hawkins was my boyfriend in the picture. Isn’t that marvelous? Here I was, you know, terrible thing, this terrible cockney girl—and I WAS a cockney, I am a cockney—terrible character seducing him.

    Madame X
    She came up from wherever she was. I didn’t even know she was there. She just appears out of nowhere. In my mind it’s this cloud of perfume and fox fur and a hat…and she takes hold of Cynthia and says “she’s bothering you, let me take her.” And I said, without even thinking, feeling kind of flustered, I said “oh no it’s ok.” And she fixes me with her eyes. She had really dark eyes. Dark eyes and flaming red hair. And she was little. Shorter than me. And she says “no, it really isn’t.” And she turns round and walks off, like a duchess, trailing fox fur and the nanny…Oh God yes.

    Ida Lupino
    The worst of all for me was The Hard Way. I didn’t want to do that. I was terribly worried. You see, I knew my father was ill and I couldn’t tell my mother. I was in a terrible state keeping it to myself, and, as a matter of fact, I had a breakdown right in the middle of the picture when my father passed on. I had been keeping it in for a long time. And that was the only award I ever won. I won the [New York] Critics’ Award for The Hard Way, and I hated myself in it. I went to the preview with my mother and I said, “Connie, excuse me, dear, you stay and see the rest of this. It’s making me terribly nervous, my performance.” She said, “I’ll never speak to you again if you walk out. Don’t you dare walk out.” And I said, “No, I’ve got to, I can’t stand it.” I walked. I couldn’t stand myself in it, and I won the Critics’ Award.

    I am noticing how they both break the sentences up relatively short and have the same usage of self mocking humor and the expressive way of storytelling like a natural raconter. I think Madame X is Ida Lupino!


    • Odette says

      OMG I think ur right. I was skeptical but the style of writing does look ever so alike, but does this mean the letters were written to her? I’m confused.


  4. dolores says

    CanMarcia tell us anything about why she stipulated that, without giving too much away?


      • Dolores says

        Not you I mean the person who received the letters stipulating her identity couldn’t be revealed while her daughter is alive. If Basil isn’t her daughter’s father what’s the difference?


  5. Melissa says

    The way Basil puts his hands on his hips and flips up his frock coat, what a little tease


    • Levasseur Fan says

      Absolutely.Have you seen that other gif of him stepping into the street and doing just that? Flipping his coat back over his hip. It’s from The HoftheB I think. So sexy.


  6. Ellen Foley says

    Saucy boy,indeed.Sure he was called a lot worse when OR caught him cheating thru the relationship.Bad,bad boy!And to try to act like the most happily marrieds in H’weird


  7. Amomwholovesbasil says

    I tried to post a reply to Marcia but comments are closed on that thread


  8. Sorry everyone – WordPress has stated randomly throwing comments into the spam folder again. So if I’ve missed yours, that’s why


  9. Granny Gingrich says

    Tumbler, Facebook, Twitter, it’s all a part of the web that passes me by I’m afraid. I’m only just mastering websites and comment forms as it is!


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