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Happy First Birthday to Us


Yes, one year ago today the very first post on THE BAZ was launched into the ether. 1.45pm. June 30 2012. This was it…

I had no idea when I rather nervously clicked “Publish” that twelve months later we’d have over 1,000 followers and be talking to would-be biographers, get involved in research and all the rest of it. And I had no clue I’d start receiving so many interesting emails, comments and messages. Or make such great new friends. It’s been a huge experience, and I’m incredibly grateful to everyone involved.

I hope The Baz himself, wherever he is, is a little bit pleased too…

Anyhow, if you remember, a while back I started a series of “Best Comments…” and I thought today, to celebrate our birthday I’d publish a couple more. So, look out for them later today πŸ™‚

PS – I drew the birthday cake on my Mac. And I don’t have a mouse, just a track pad. So it’s rustic πŸ˜‰



  1. Basil says

    Happy birthday fansite! *Cuddles computer* :3 Fan-site cuddles are the best (Sorry Ouida ;_;…)


    • Hey FFF! Lovely to see you here. I recommend everyone to visit Fiction For Life’s Tumblr blog. There’s quite a lot of Basil in it. πŸ™‚


      • GRETCHEN says

        OOOOHHH!!! πŸ™‚

        Thanks for the tip— JUST checked-it-out…that Baz is HOT-STUFF!
        And, JEREMY BRETT, too!! πŸ™‚


      • Your blogs have been huge help in getting to know that magnificent creature a bit more since I discovered him and I like how you make your posts feel light but still carefully researched. And thanks for the recommendation. πŸ™‚


  2. rosebette says

    Guess whose birthday it is today — July 1. Olivia deHavilland’s! I just saw her picture in the Candid thread on the TCM site. At least Baz got a few films shown on his b’day. Livvy has nothing, although her movies get plenty of airplay anyway.


    • Ellen Foley says

      There have been plenty of b’day tributes to actors I’ve never heard of,and that sticks in my craw.Baz got a day long salute under the stars 2 yrs ago Aug after being ignored,Flynn gets nothing or Olivia on their b’days.Baz prob wouldn’t except for this blog.Flynn & Baz are exactly 7 days apart in dates.Last week in a salute to fashion They Died With Their Boots On showed 1st.But still,these 3 actors are major stars/contributors to what H’wood was in 30s and 40s and beyond.Think Baz & Olivia should’ve been the Slopers in The Heiress,Flynn getting a bit on to be Morris,but he could’ve been another role,there were other male roles.


      • rosebette says

        My thought on Baz as Sloper in The Heiress — if there was any hint of sexual chemistry between Baz and Olivia, it simply wouldn’t work. Perhaps that’s why he wasn’t cast. It would be difficult for film audiences to accept someone who played a romantic rival for Oliva to play her father, even though Basil was old enough to be her father. After all, Livvy was 21 when she made Robin Hood, and Basil was 47.


        • Cinegeek says

          That is a very interesting take, though I’m also mindful of Lew Wassermans threat that Basil would never get a major role in Hollywood again if he walked out on Sherlock Holmes


  3. rosebette says

    Happy first anniversary! This blog has meant so much, adding new people to my life and engaging my head and heart as I learned more about this fascinating man.


  4. Amomwholovesbasil says

    I haven’t had time to visit the web much lately, but popped in here today only to find it’s your first birthday. Well done on keeping going. So many blogs run out of steam. But then you have a great subject.


  5. Ken says

    Oh dear me, a whole year gone by. My wife thinks I spend too much time pottering about on the internet since turning sixty five and semi retiring. I clocked up my comments here and think she might have a point! Though if I could afford to retire full time I would become a full time internet explorer (but not on Internet Explorer πŸ˜€ )


  6. GRETCHEN says

    HAPPY 1ST B-DAY, “THE BAZ”!!! πŸ™‚

    I’ve enjoyed reading AND making comments on this blog…SO glad I found it!
    I’d draw you a CAKE, but you know how that went the LAST time I tried— on the OTHER Baz’s B-day! πŸ™‚



  7. Gabrielle says

    Happy birthday. I re-read your original article. Great start. It’s still one of the best articles on here. I hope you do more pieces like that.


  8. Hot Chick says

    Yay – cake!!!!! This is one of my favorite blogs and Aurora’s blog is another one.Luvs ya both


  9. Ellen Foley says

    I feel like I’m in a group where everyone’s an equal on your site,Neve.You have interesting,worthwhile comments and research you present.I’m so glad to have discovered your site last summer.You’ve really fleshed out Baz off-screen,as a man with deep wounds,as well as very compassionate.He’d have to be to put up with 41 years of such one-way cashflow,i.e. ever out the window/door.Keep up the great work,and thanks for all your hard work.


    • Wow, thank you Ellen.I’ve enjoyed every minute of running this blog, and a lot of it is down to the great feedback and the feeling of community from you guys! I probably wouldn’t have kept it going without that.


    • Ellen Foley says

      How very interesting the letters of Baz to one of his lovers ( and Weedy’s suicide attempt and all the strain in the household.Wonder about “all the medication” remark,whose meds?She knew of his previous affairs,and sounds like the incessant spending WAS to get back at him.Why continue if you’re both miserable in a relationship.Is this maybe where Norma Shearer’s counsel came to be?No wonder it was C who was with him in H’wood and in summer stock and not OR.No wonder,too his change as the 40s went on (Sherlock Holmes series) from looking tired,bored,sullen and a co-star “daring to” josh him and everyone waiting for him to be upset.Surprised Bruce would be go-between in his affair,but OR seemed to have low opinion of his friends.C must have lived thru heck growing up in that environ.Can relate to Baz having needs,he was still in prime with needs not being met at home,so he strayed,but need not have shot off his mouth about conquests,apparently didn’t learn from time with EvaLG to just shut up.


      • Ellen Foley says

        Also wonder if this lover’s letter is also the “my darling girl” from previously released letter where everyone wondered who it was to and how distraught he sounded.Wonder if the Bond Tour was after OR suicide attempt with pills as mentioned in page 2 of women in his life on’t mean to tie up important time speculating,but that letter pub here in March seems likely to correspond with July 1 p 2 of his women letter.What total chaos must have been going on in the household.Today,help would’ve sold info to highest bidder after finding OR OD’d.


        • I think the fact that neither the maid nor anyone else in the Rathbone house sold the story to the tabloids shows how much respect they had for Basil. They protected him from public scandal.


  10. CONGRATULATIONS, happy anniversary and all that jazz – FOR THE BAZ!!

    y TV site celebrates its one-year this week as well. Great work and site! Here’s to many more years of blogging BAZ goodness!



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