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The blog #3

Well it’s taken me five solid days to fix the blog in its new setting! Many of the pages were showing dark text on a dark bg and I had to manually change all of that, and do other adjusting. But now it’s pretty much done.

Comments have also gone weird again. Some have disappeared and a whole bunch lost their email adresses, which also means their little individualized monster went too 😦 So if you see a generic little guy like the one on the right next to your old comments….avatar then that is what has happened!



  1. Dane says

    I vastly prefer the new look. The dark was very hard to read and very cramped, this is a breath of fresh air.


  2. Countess says

    The Countess is still here. But my computer is on the fritz. Have to post from the Lib. Hope to have it fixed soon.Keep up the good work Neve!


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