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Baz Nouveau

We have a new three-column layout to celebrate the double-birthday month!

Does it work?

Do you hate it?

let me know…

Update June 17 – we don’t have it any more! We are now on Design No. 3!



  1. Fred Singer says

    I too can’t see the index on the left but I can see it on the right


        • It’s ok, I’m not really crushed, I was just being silly. I value everyone’s input. It is my site I know, but I also want it to be accessible for users, so it’s good to get feedback on changes. πŸ™‚


    • rosebette says

      I agree with Marcia, but I’m an old fogie and barely computer literate; I also find it hard to navigate “busy” pages. I still get overwhelmed by the “feed” at the bottom of the screens on the TV news.


  2. Claude Rains says

    In high res on my Imac it looks fine but on the old steam-powered computer at my mother’s house the left sidebar is cut off


  3. Oookay – I have added a static Index to the right-hand menu! I suspect some people with lower res monitors were having problems with the lefthand menu disappearing off the bottom f the screen – so this is for them πŸ™‚


  4. Ceridwyn says

    I don’t enter in often though I read this blog religiously; especially knowing there are updates usually every weekend. I find it off putting to train my eye to the center of the screen to read. Just saying… love the content and look of the site otherwise. I’m not sure I am too keen on the avatars…doesn’t gel with the Baz in general. thanks for your labor of love!


    • Hee I do know what you mean about the avatars – they’re kinda silly, but lots of people love them and get fond of their own little “person” – so I can’t change them now!


  5. Roberta says

    I think the new layout is easier to navigate once you get used to the change. I visit every day and was so used to the old style it dismayed me to start with but now I am finding it easier to check back posts and such


  6. Stewie Griffin says

    Something’s wrong with the blog…I don’t like change!!!


  7. GRETCHEN says

    Forgot to mention, it’s a bit tougher finding the older posts now…I REALLY liked the “by-the-month” thing, so I could look them-up more easily. The list of Baz’s films along the right of the page was also very nice, so I could choose (and comment on) them. I hope these features will be coming BACK, soon! I miss being able to check-on all my fave past comments. 😦


    • The list of his movies us still available – in the left hand sidebar, click on “blog index” and the whole thing opens up as a drop down menu. And the “Archive” drops open too with a list of posts by the month πŸ™‚ I might add them to the other menu bar too actually.


      • GRETCHEN says

        THANKS for letting me know! Problem is, my computer’s stupid “Windows” bottom tool-bar is COVERING where I’d access the blog index, and I have NO clue how to disable the thing so I can SEE it…dang!! I’ll ATTEMPT to figure it out— otherwise, I’m outta luck. 😦


          • GRETCHEN says

            My screen resolution is: 1366 x 768. It CAN be adjusted lower, but I’ve never messed with it, ’cause I prefer the HIGHEST quality possible. Do you think THIS could be my problem?


            • no I don’t thinks so. I think turning it down might make it worse. But at least the index is now on the other sidebar as well, so you shd be able to access it


  8. GRETCHEN says

    I like the NEW dark background/light lettering on the comment write-in box, now. It doesn’t hurt my eyes so much…especially since I enjoy typing in my room at night, with NO lights on! I did prefer the PREVIOUS font for our names and the dates, though. I’m also trying to get used-to having only HALF the page move when I scroll up and down. But, all-in-all, a decent improvement on the prior setup! (Please don’t EVER change our avatars…I really LOVE my little orange alien-dude!!) πŸ™‚


  9. Elaine Drury says

    I like the fact you have preserved the “look” that is uniquely Baz. It’s very twenties/old movies/Broadway and seems very fitting.


  10. Jenny says

    Gorgeous. I find it easier to navigate too. Love the static access menu on the left


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