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Quotation: Daphne Du Maurier, c. 1922

“…upon an earlier piece of pink blotting-paper there is the drawing of a heart, pierced by an arrow, and the words ‘I love Basil’ scribbled upon it. This, I know very well, refers to the actor Basil Rathbone, who had performed as the hero in the adaptation of Grandpapa’s novel PETER IBBETSON, staged some months before. It was time, I must have told myself, that I too found an idol or ‘crush’ … and Basil Rathbone, dark and handsome, made a fine candidate, especially when he helped us at the hoopla stall … Passion withered when he appeared – I think at a garden party D and M gave at Cannon Hall – wearing a straw boater, and though I tried hard to flog the dying embers … I didn’t succeed. I wonder what I should have said had I known that over twenty years later he would act the part of wicked Lord Rockingham in the film adaptation of one of my own novels, FRENCHMAN’S CREEK, and in pursuit of the heroine, Dona, crash down a staircase to his death? Possibly ‘The Alternative’, had it ever been written, might have given him a finer role.”



  1. Ellen Foley says

    What a hot scene between him and Dona after Rock escapes the captors.He just oozes danger and sex appeal.The last thing he gets to hug is suit of armor that knocks him for a loop.My reason for watching the rest of scenes of the movie.Him sneering and laughing about comments of Arturo DeCordova in the film.From Joan’s bio and her harsh remarks of Basil cuz of The Weed.Daphne said everyone had a crush on him on London stage.Good for her.


    • Ellen Foley says

      I still like Olivier in REBECCA,tho agree Baz was better choice,less cold.


  2. Gabrielle says

    Can so imagine Basil as Maxim. Wish he had played the part. Why did Hollywood seem so down on him?


    • Ellen Foley says

      Agree that he should have been offered parts more suited to him,like Vronsky vs Karennin,Boris vs Count Anteoni in Garden Of Allah,Dorian Gray,can only say movie moguls were dense,as he was more cooperative than some of the too pretty boys.


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