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The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes – RADIO

Once Upon a Screen (one of my fave blogs) posted this yesterday. Have to reblog, though I never do that…

Once upon a screen...

In honor of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930).

The New Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was an old-time radio show which aired in the USA from October 2, 1939 to July 7, 1947. Originally, the show starred Basil Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes and Nigel Bruce as Dr. Watson. Together, they starred in 220 episodes which aired weekly on Mondays from 8:30 to 9:00pm. Bromo Quinine sponsored some of the earlier programs on the NBC Blue Network and for a period Parker Pen was the sponsor. The show first aired on the Blue Network but later moved to the Mutual Broadcasting System.

Basil Rathbone’s last episode as the famous detective was “The Singular Affair of the Baconian Cipher.” He was eager to separate himself from the cast type of Holmes, and even though the show’s sponsor Petri Wine offered him generous pay to continue, he decided to move on. Once he…

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  1. Dennis NC USA says

    Hello, and hoping still getting readers to a great blog. I’ll be back for me.
    Wanted to let everybody interested that
    is the best place to go for LEGAL FREE and SAFE Old Radio, Old Movies, Cartoons, and Books too. So many OTR shows with great Hollywood stars.
    Here’s one of many Baz listings. You can search (in audio or film) his name and get results.
    You can stream right off the page, or download mp3 (see over on the right side for that, if you get a page that’s all Baz that you want to do the whole collection as a zip file.)
    I am a big fan of Baz, and glad to see this fine blog. Thanks for your efforts,
    With times so rocky now (as always) it’s great to return to those “thrilling days of yesteryear…”
    Cheers all.

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  2. BASIL says

    There’s one episode….(I think it’s ‘The Baconian Cipher’)
    Basil and Nigel make a couple of little mistakes and it’s friggin adorable! (≧◡≦)


  3. Ellen Foley says

    TCM Essentials Jr. info on their movies,this Sunday kicks it off has info on the grisly event.Loved the pic of Baz and Angela Lansbury having luch in commisary,him with open-neck shirt,slicing into a burger.


  4. Ellen Foley says

    Nothing in regard to radio prog,did listen to some of Holmes tapes when I had them,but The Court Jester is the 1st Essentials,Jr on TCM June 2nd for anyone wanting to know.I’d requested a reminder,and requested prob too late,anywho,some b’day films for hisbazness.


    • Ellen Foley says

      Just read TCMs Essentials Jr info on the Baz/Danny swordfights.It says that Baz go clunked in head and sounds like he prob had more than his wig knocked off-pretty bloody rsults,but not sure if he needed stitches in his scalp.Remembering hearing per TCM before that his getting his wig knocked off made everyone howl with laughter,but this sounded like he was quite injured.What was Danny doing to hurt a co-star that badly?Distracted fencing?


      • Ken says

        Curious – I read a similar story told by Fred Cavens with regard to The Mark of Zorro, where Tyrone Power is supposed to have whacked Basil and caused a head wound and concussion. I will try to find the quote! If they are both true poor Basil was an unlucky fellow,


        • Ellen Foley says

          I remember he got scratches by sword in TMOZ.With some of the wild swinging in duel,not surprised he got slashed.Maybe after cutting Errol in veCapt Blood,that’s why he seriously took up fencing,as he told Errol,”I could killed you anytime I wanted”,even if Errol always got the girl.Interesting the girl was usually more the heroes age,even if the villain looked finer.


      • Havent watched Court J. in a couple years but pretty sure theres a sceen where they sword fight and Danny hits him over the head with the handel of his sword..I have to think that’s when it happened.You can see the sword is bounceing in Danny’s hand.Probly bounced up then came down with a bit more force then expected. I doubt Danny would have ever konked him to be mean.


    • Ellen Foley says

      Thinking about Baz and Willie,and wondering if Bruce’s Watson may have been a prototype for John Banner’s Sgt Schultz from Hogan’s Heroes,the bumbling but loveable camp guard?Just my 2cent musing for today.


    • Aw thanks for that! Love old radio shows . They make the old time stars seem much more real and accessible. That sense of intimacy and immediacy you get, as if you could almost be listening to the broadcast when it first went out live.


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