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Nunc Dimittis for Gisborne

What I like most about this, apart from the music, is the gorgeous b/w stills. So crisp and modern-seeming. It’s also nice to have a tribute to the passing of poor Sir Guy. When I was a kid it always bothered me that no one seemed to mourn him in the end.

I’m also launching THE BAZ on Youtube. I have so many of his movies and other goodies, many of which are public domain now, I thought it would be good to have a proper place to put them. So, “NUNC DIMITTIS FOR GISBORNE” and Hally’s lovely Sherlock Holmes video are the first offerings. πŸ™‚

Come and subscribe! And if you have any vids you think belong on BR’s channel, then let send ’em over.

BTW – it’s worth watching this in HD if you can.


  1. I’d love to see this.Sadly my home compuker[no i didnt mispell it] wont do you tube,not for love nor money. I might be able to pic it up at the lib. If youtube isnt blocked.It was for a while,there so afraid some kid might watch porn or something they have blocked most of the social networking sites.


    • Well I got to the lib. but didnt get to see video..did find some pretty pics of Edgar and his bro’s and sisters, if your interested Neve, I can scan and email them.Also found a pic of John’s tombstone.


      • Ellen Foley says

        Countess,thanks to you,for Memorial Day looked up info on John,burial in Pas-de-Calais,and no date of pasing for Bea.Can’t believe she’d still be around at 120 years-old.The family didn’t seem that long-lived.Hope her life improved after WWI.She looked as sensitive as Basil was.


        • Your welcome.Welcome to the brick wall. Thats what Genealogist call it when you have looked EVERY freaking place you can think of and STILL cant find someone. I’ve been beating my head aginst the brick wall known as Bea Rathbone for quite a while .I know,where she was born,when she was born, her folks ,bro’s, fond her in cencuses, found her in a girls school b4 the war, know her familys home address, found her traveling from Africa ,…then the trail stops dead! As if she disapeers into thin air.Frusturating! And it’s not like I’m looking for Mary Smith..She has a unusal name.Yet I cant find any death listings for her in England.Or America.Oh and Ellen I cant link to Ancestory but if you can access it at the libary .go to family tree called Greg family tree-Quarry Bank Mill,MillOwners, I found John under John Ernest Vivan Rathbone..see if that works for you.Oh and no luck on Bea from that source either.


          • Ellen Foley says

            Interesting when something was mentioned he left H’wood at the height of his romantic period,possible family emergency and if it could be Bea was ill/dying/dead.Can’t see why he never mentioned more,but my suspicious mind says look to who was a serial interferer in his family relations to allow anything else about Bea in HIS BOOK Not ORs!Sorry,not trying to gum up the works for anyone.Appreciate eeryone listening,taking time to clear up the mysteries of Basil Rathbone,esp of what could/should have been for him.


  2. Hot Chick says

    I actually cried a little bit. I would follow you on Youtube but I don’t have an account.


    • Ellen Foley says

      Fantastic,can’t help but think this is motivation for scene from MY FAVORITE YEAR with Peter O’Toole as Flynn-like character and his “Rathbone-type” nemesis dueling to the death.Basil wasperfection,Flynn athletic leaps made up for his not practicing ala Baz’s dedication to fencing.When he seemed to focus on something,there was no stopping him.Still can’t get over his praise for fellow actor/actresses,such a gentleman for acknowledging others and appreciating them.No wonder Ms Shearer had good things to say about Mrs Cheyney and his advice,and his charm.I think that may be why he seemed to kinda have a crush on her.


  3. IdaHoButSheRanAway says

    I absolutely love it and I down;loaded it if that is ok.


  4. Baker Street Babe says

    OMG those b&w stills are edible. So gorge. What does nunc dimmitis mean? 😳 Thanks.


  5. Reagan says

    Lovely and so sad! I’ll never feel the same way about the fight at the end of Robin Hood again. What music is that? It’s beautiful.


  6. Hally says

    Oh wow it’s so good. I feel embarrassed having my sad vid next to it!


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