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Sunday Pic #8 (on Wednesday)

I get sent a lot of photos by readers, most of which I already know, some of which are new to me. Here are a couple that are new to me and/or especially charming or curious.

First up – a still from that amazing weep-fest A NOTORIOUS AFFAIR. Kay Fwancis is looking vampish and intoxicated. She and B have a ton of chemistry in that film, but we are reliably informed Kay doesn’t list him as one of her lovers in her highly explicit diary. So, it was strictly an on-screen thing.


Second – Baz as Robert Browning in THE BARRETTS OF WIMPOLE STREET, one of the repertory of plays performed in the legendary 1934 national tour of the Cornell-McClintick company. Orson Welles was also in the company, played Occi in BARRETTS and Tybalt in ROMEO & JULIET.


Lastly – this lovely cap from DAWN PATROL. Like a monochrome Rembrandt.



  1. Why is it in the Barrets picture that Basil seems to be staring into the depths of my soul? o_o


  2. Ellen Foley says

    Great pix,lovely,all of them.Welcome home.Notorious was sexy,no doubt about it!


  3. Kendrick says

    Welcome back. I really missed the updates. The photo from the Dawn Patrol is beautiful


  4. hot Chick says

    Yes! You’re back. Wow that pic of him and Kay – you can smell the sex!


    • rosebette says

      Yes, but if you see the film, he is the pursued and the victim. She’s a real man-eater in that one. By the end of the flick he’s bedridden from exhaustion. Oh Kay!


  5. rosebette says

    The one from Barretts is very nice — he looks so young! The one from Dawn Patrol has an air of wartime melancholy.


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