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Happy Easter!




    • Spring? What’s that? We don’t do Spring in the UK. Last night there was a frost so hard it looked like snow and today’s top temp is 9C πŸ™„


      • Your spring sounds like the spring we have had. Nothing but cold, either snow[last week] or rain. It was a cold drizzel all day today.Last year at this time we had temps in the 70s and 80s.This year is more normal.We are thinking of sueing the groundhog for breach of promise.


    • Didn’t realize you were in UK,hope none of the bad storms we had came your way,tho’ I heard some did!Winters in Ireland have been pretty hairy,this I’ve heard from friends & relagives!Great blog on SOF and TOL.Sounds like Boris really got a joy of working with our Baz.I know he was quoted as saying Baz,forget which 1960s movie they were on,Ghost In Invis Bik?,said Baz very miserable doing HORROR FILMS,considered it beneath him,but they kept him ever in his fans minds and hearts.Glad he didn’t do too many of ORs plays,now those were beneath him,should’ve lumbered across stage like THE MONSTER to wake her up to reality that she was no writer,except for her hubbys’ connections,as in plural hubbys(Hubbies’?).


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