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Sunday Pic #7: Baz & Livvy

This is totally new to me. It was sent in by a reader who found it on tumblr. Apparently it also recently came up for sale on Ebay. It’s yet another candid of BR looking cozy with Olivia de Havilland. Were these guys ever more than just good friends? the jury is out on that one.



  1. Leila Travers says

    I have long wondered if Livvy is the unidentified actress whose memories of him are so vivid and so insightful


    • rosebette says

      That is one gorgeous Adam’s apple. When men of that era were so “buttoned up” in collars and suits, the sight of a man’s throat and upper chest is almost erotic, probably what men used to feel when they saw a girl’s ankle at the turn of the century.


  2. Judy D. says

    Since viewing this photo I can’t get a certain old song out of my mind–so on this beer-soaked holiday maybe you’d like to change the name to “Olivia” and give this a go:

    β€œLydia The Tattooed Lady,” made famous by
    Groucho Marx.
    Songwriters: HARBURG, E.Y./ARLEN, HAROLD

    Oh Lydia, Oh Lydia
    Now have you met Lydia
    Lydia the tattooed lady
    She has muscles men adore-so
    And a torso even more-so
    Oh, Lydia, Oh Lydia
    Now have you met Lydia
    Lydia the queen of tattoo
    On her back is the battle of Waterloo
    Beside it the wreck of the Hesperus too
    and proudly above waves the red white and blue
    You can learn a lot from Lydia.

    There’s Grover Walen unveilin’ the Trylon
    Over on the West Coast we have Treasure Island
    There’s Captain Spaulding exploring the Amazon
    And Lady Godiva–but with her pajamas on
    She can give you a view of the world in tattoo
    If you step up and tell her where
    Mon Paree, Kankakee, even Perth by the sea
    Or of Washington crossing the Delaware.

    Oh Lydia, Oh Lydia, now have you met Lydia
    Lydia the queen of them all
    She has a view of Niagara which nobody has
    And Basin Street known as the birthplace of jazz
    And on a clear day you can see Alcatraz!
    You can learn a lot from Lydia!
    –Lydia the queen of tattoo!

    Maybe Weedie’s mindset was, “oh, let the dear boy have his little flings–he knows who he has to come home to.”


    • We came to town to see that old tattooed lady. She was a sight to see, tattooed from head to knee.
      My uncle Ned was there. He came to gape and stare. “I’ve never!” he declared, “Seen such a freak so fair.”
      And on her jaw was the Royal Flying Corp and on her back was the Union Jack, now could you ask for more?
      All up and down her spine marched the Queen’s own guards in line and all around her hips sailed a fleet of battleships.
      And over her left kidney was a bird’s eye view of Sidney but what we liked best was upon her chest
      My little home in Waikiki! (What did you say?) [Repeat all lines]..Kingston Trio


  3. rosebette says

    OK, I went on EBay and looked at this photo on zoom. Basil is wearing a ratty old sweater and you can see holes in it, and you can see a bit of t-shirt or undervest at the neckline — kind of like a college boy just hanging out in his old sweats. It’s kind of sexy actually.


    • Judy D. says

      Ratty old sweater, with Ratters underneath…ooh. T-shirt, undervest–hinting at the intimate goodies beneath. Gotta say, this is mucho sexy. Mucho, mucho. Looks like they’re killing time on the set of their movie, hence the head covering for (O)lydia/vidia. Whut a waaaay to go. Va va va voom.


  4. rosebette says

    I think this was taken during The Adventures of Robin Hood. There are a few shots of them together in some home movies where she is wearing a head scarf (probably because she had to contain her hair for the medieval headdresses). In the home movies, they also appear to be quite friendly; he has his arm around her and she’s smiling at him in both shots. No shots of Livvy and Errol together in the home movies of TARH, but perhaps that’s because EF’s wife Lili Damita was on set to keep an eye on him. The home movies and that great candid of BR kissing Livvy’s hand always fueled my own inclination that there might be something more than friendship, but that idea has been rather squelched by Mr. Druxman and Mr. Matzen, who claim that Basil was a total professional and above that sort of thing.


  5. Roberta says

    IMHO thy look like they could easily be more than friends in a lot of their pics. But what would Ouida have made of it?


  6. Margaret G says

    What a STUNNING picture. He was such a beautiful human being and so was she.


  7. Judy D. says

    One of the sexiest and most natural photos of BR I’ve ever seen! Thanks for making my day!! Tuned in TCM Sat just in time for the essential parts of “Mark of Zorro.” Impossibly handsome. And wow, that final fast-as-lightning duel. The more I see this otherwise rather silly movie, the more I admire his performance in it–perhaps second only to the flashy performance of that gorgeous black horse of Zorro’s.


    • Elaine Drury says

      He is the best thing in that film. He and the horse. Two beautiful, mettlesome stallions πŸ™‚


    • My fave part ..except for those ..skintight white pants..melt..Is when he’s just chewing up the scernry,watch him,&,ignore the lines. stabing the fruit, twriling the globe of it’s hinges, sliceing up the curtins.One of the things he is just SO good at is efertless sceen stealing.


      • I remember seeing MOZ on AMC or TCM years ago and a movie critic saying how “stirring” Baz’s deep knee bend was when they all saw it on the big screen.Ty is ok in tight pants,but I watch it for Capt Esteban,scene chewing,fan-fluttering Bazman,can never wait until his 1st scene,and the smoldering eyes which were surprisingly not brown,but hazel-blue!Yowza


        • He was ~46,and looked about as young as that picture in uniform,IMHO.Great look for him,that sweater.Love the scene where he nudges Liv in AORH at hanging.Flirty and fine.None of the pretty boys looked as good at 46+


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