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Sunday Pic #6 and an enquiry from a reader

Comments are still being weird, I’m sorry, but I’m doing my best to look into it. Anyhow today being Sunday, I thought I’d upload a pic for your delectation. I’ve chosen a really high res photo from that currently lost classic THIS MAD WORLD, in which BR plays a French spy who begins a passionate affair with the wife of a German officer during WW1. It all ends badly, as you can imagine, with the Baz confessing he accidentally killed her bro (I think it’s her bro), and her thusly ratting him out as a spy to the Bosch, him subsequently getting shot at dawn and her angsting about it all.

(to view this in its full glory click on the pic and then download it, it’s so high res you can even see his stubble :))


Sounds like an absolutely perfect accompaniment to chocolate and/or a nice bottle of red doesn’t. It’s not going to surprise us, or make us worry or think too much. It’s just gonna do its weepy old thing and then stop.

So, someone go and find it pronto. It’s the kind of film I need just now.

And now a quick enquiry from a reader (who used the contact form and hence managed to actually get through).She sends an appeal for info and enlightenment – CAN YOU HELP HER? πŸ™‚ :

“…I’m so glad I found your website. I hope you can help me to find a BR title that I have been trying to find for such a long time. Here’s what happened… I taped something on VCR tape (I said it was a long time!) on PBS and to be sure I got it all I added a few minutes to when it was scheduled to end. I got all of my show but then it picked up the beginning of the next show. It was a BR movie. The dialog went something like this: Outdoor scene, a young lady is walking in a park (I think, outdoors anyway). BR approaches her and says something like “I know you don’t know me but if I were to tell you your life depends upon you coming with me, would you do so? (Or something close to that) And then just as she opens her mouth to respond it cuts out!! I have watched so many BR movies over the years trying to find this one but no luck. Would you possibly know the title of this movie?Thanks so much…”


  1. rosebette says

    The Ginger Rogers movie is called Heartbeat and it’s readily available on Youtube. It doesn’t start with Basil meeting a girl in the park. Ginger comes to his place of business, and he runs a school for pickpockets, sort of a dressed up Fagin with class. I was thinking of one of the early scenes with Jane Bryan in Confession, but I rewatched the opening of that, and the scenes aren’t outdoors, but in a railway station or the concert hall.


    • Judy D. says

      Maybe she mistook some other actor for BR. There are a lot of lovely Brits that look and sound like him–but are so definitely NOT him. Somewhat coincidentally, I remember when I first saw the BR-SH movies, half-way through the TV station accidentally popped in a different film, and suddenly there was a bunch of people in a bar listening to John McCormick sing a lovely Irish ballad. I didn’t realize the mistake till the next few thousand times I saw the film.


  2. How does the one with Ginger Rodgers begin?..ages sence I saw it.Not that it has to do with the mystery ladies question,but Is there a remake or a slightly diffrent version of This Mad Mad World? Staring a diffrent actor?I swear I have seen this flick.Might be a silent.Or dif name same plot. Like “The Czarina” and “Cath. the Great”.


  3. Hot Chick says

    I actually thought I had seen that film. Obviously not. (This Mad World I mean, not the one the lady is looking for, which, sorry, I can’t ID). This probably won’t get seen 😦


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