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Sunday Pic : fan art

Since The Baz opened its doors seven months ago we have been sent quite a few samples of fan art, and I though this Sunday I’d take the chance to exhibit a few of them. So here we go…

This I have to include, as I think it’s gorgeous. Basil Rathbone as Karenin, by Verre-a-Vitres. Check out their other artwork, you’ll be happy you did.


I have to admit I totally LOVE “The Baz Bus” sent in by Rebekah.
Rebekah is a relatively new Baz fan, and more of her work can be seen at

The Baz bus

These two portraits were sent in by Judith Dawes, a regular commenter here. I especially like the one on the right.

Jim Lether sent this portrait in. According to his Facebook he “paints” entirely digitally.




  1. the countess says

    ahh but the good news is paint by numbers sets can be painted with any acrylic paint you get at any hobby store, also walmart has them. and you can pick your colour at will, mabey you can paint over and fix it.


  2. MIKUFAN says

    I feel like a total idiot. πŸ™‚
    Last night I spent AGES doing a manga picture of me and Basil (I ended up getting to bed at gone midnight because of it!) It was done entirely with art markers, and I was so proud of it that I was actually willing to spend about Β£20 on a new pack of markers just because one of the pens matched Basils skin tone!
    Well, my uncle bought me one of those ‘Painting by numbers’ sets, I usually try to avoid using paint because it’s so messy, and I’ve never actually done painting by numbers before! But I thought since my uncle bought me it, I’d paint it and give it to him. So I sat down and started, but the paints came in those really small little plastic tubs, you know the ones I mean? Like those ridiculously tiny ones with hardly any paint in them. Well one of the lids got stuck, so I had to try real hard to open it, when I did open it, it splattered all over the place, the table, the wall, a couple of items from my Sherlock collection…
    I started trying to clean the wall and the table (The Sherlock items are replaceable, thank goodness!). Then I sort of stopped, because I saw a splatter of paint on something else, I mindlessly began scrubbing at that too, but in a split second I realised that it was my Basil picture, now some of the writing on it and and part of Basil is a lovely smudge of marker-paint mess. Great job Mikufan! Great job! πŸ™‚


    • MIKUFAN says

      The painting by numbers is ruined now too, which is a shame because I was enjoying it… >:-/


  3. Basil says

    I’ve been trying to draw Baz in Manga form for quite some time, but I’m not TOO good at drawing manga anyways. (I’M SLOWLY GETTING THERE. He’s not TOO hard to draw in chibi form! ^_^)
    Once I manage to do a Basil in manga form which is actually SUCCESSFUL I’ll try and remember to send it to you! ^_^’


  4. GRETCHEN says

    It would have been cute if the “Baz-Bus” had “PEACE, LOVE, BAZ!” written on the side— with the peace/heart/smiley-face symbols in neon-colors, like a ’60s hippie-bus!! πŸ™‚

    That’d also look GREAT on a T/sweat-shirt if Neve begins designing them for her NEW cafΓ© press web-shop! The yellow smiley-face could have a Sherlock Holmes hat-n-pipe, while WINKING…and for his swashbuckler-fans, a pirate-hat or knight’s helmet and a SWORD— hee-hee! πŸ™‚

    I too, am an artist…if I EVER figure-out how to scan/upload stuff, I’ll send pics of my future BAZ-ART to this site!

    In the early-2000s I did acrylic portraits of the “Three Stooges” actor Shemp Howard (for his granddaughters Sandie and her sister Jill), Emil Sitka (who acted in SEVERAL “Stooges” shorts) for his son Saxon, and a watercolor of Jeremy Brett (performing as “King Lear”, I believe) from a photo taken-off the TV, for a fan who ran a tribute-site MANY years ago in his honor, called “The Brettish Aisles”…she liked it SO much she put my painting on her HOMEPAGE! I’m pen-pals with these people, as well as with Sara Karloff (Boris’ daughter), to whom I sent some “Grinch” ornaments I made her for Christmas, about 10 years ago— she LOVED them, and told me she’d be using them on her tree EVERY X-MAS!! (“The Grinch” movie was her FAVORITE thing her dad EVER did during his career.) So far, everyone has enjoyed my work, and Shemp’s and Emil’s families are proudly displaying my paintings in their homes…it makes me feel HAPPY to know I’ve touched someone’s life in such a LOVING way, and remembered those now-gone with the HONOR they deserve. Sandie sent me one of Shemp’s ORIGINAL head-shots he used when applying for work in Hollywood (in the ’30s-’40s) from his photo album, AND one of his old PAYCHECK-STUBS from the 1940s, as a SURPRISE “thank-you” for my portraits…AWWW! I used-to send her (and her young daughter Chandler) a BIG decorated box of festively-wrapped toys, holiday clothes, candy, art-supplies, and various other goodies as a gift EVERY X-Mas/Channukah season for about 3 years, back in the early/mid-2000s— which they GREATLY appreciated; they don’t have a LOT of money (like ME). Saxon NEVER fails to send me a funny “Stooges” Christmas-card EVERY year, along with an occasional copy of the newsletter he does in celebration of his dad’s life. (Both Sandie and Saxon also have TRIBUTE websites in memory of their respective family-members.)

    I’m HOPING to possibly do some portraits (and OTHER artwork) for Vincent Price’s daughter Victoria, of HER dad…she’s got an art-gallery in New Mexico, and has the SAME love and passion for art as her father did. I’ve been drawing my own SUPER-FUNNY cartoon-series with him (and ME and my cartoon “pals”) in it for quite a few YEARS now (which are comically-TWISTED re-told versions of each of his most FAMOUS films), and would LOVE to send her color-copies of my work— but, since I’m POOR, I can’t AFFORD to make over 30 copies at almost $1 apiece! She has a BROTHER (Barrett) in New Mexico, too…DANG, that’s gonna be COSTLY!! 😦

    Hmmm…perhaps someday I’ll do a SIMILAR cartoon-series for this blog (AND maybe even, with BASIL in it— YEAH!! πŸ™‚


    • We always want to see Baz-art! Are you on tumblr or deviantart? There’s a Basil Rathbone group in the latter I believe πŸ™‚


      • GRETCHEN says

        SORRY— I’m not-yet on tumblr or deviantart, as I am kind-of NEW to having a computer. I JUST got it last spring, and don’t know much about these more modern-additions online…I haven’t used a computer since I was borrowing my neighbor’s one several YEARS ago, and things have CHANGED a bit, since then!! Plus, I’m rather OLD-SCHOOL— I don’t use a cellphone, twitter, OR even text-message! Perhaps SOME day, but I’ll work-up to that stuff a LITTLE at a time…pretty PATHETIC for a young person such as myself, I know. πŸ™‚


        • My girlfriend refuses to use any social media at all. She isn’t even on Facebook. She thinks it’s all about corporate giants getting our personal info. She kinda has a point I guess.

          I’m a sort of half-hearted Facebooker. I don’t slap on daily updates about what I had for breakfast or what color underwear I’m wearing like some people do. But I’m there in a shy, don’t-talk-to-me way :). I don’t use Twitter either, except as a way of publicizing THE BAZ. Don’t really get it as a form for purely personal communication, but it’s great for something like a blog with frequent updates.

          As you’re an artist then Tumblr and/or DeviantArt are essentials! Totally look to get into those asap as they build an audience for your work.


          • GRETCHEN says

            I’M not on Facebook, EITHER!! 😦

            Mostly ’cause I don’t have any CLOSE or LONG-LOST friends…just some casual AQUAINTANCES I haven’t seen in YEARS, and don’t keep in-touch with often— an occasional Birthday or X-mas card is about IT, for me! Also, I don’t want any persistent STALKER-CREEPS or IDENTITY-THIEVES trying to find-out where I LIVE, or something!! (I think I’ve been watching too much ID CHANNEL, lately.)

            Thanks for the ART info. I’ll check-into it.

            That program you can use to “draw” and “paint” with realism sure looks NEAT!!! I’d like to try it out, sometime…plus, it sure would SAVE me money on ART-SUPPLIES!!
            (DOUBLE-THUMBS-UP!) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


        • Hee, hee. I have a cell phone, but all I can do with it is make phone calls. No text or other stuff. I have the phone in case my car dies in the middle of nowhere.


    • GRETCHEN says

      I MEANT to say that I made the “Grinch” ornaments 13 years ago, NOT 10!! πŸ™‚


    • BASIL says

      Why don’t you buy an art software and a drawing tablet? πŸ™‚ That way ascanning and uploading wont be a problem. πŸ™‚


  5. margaret G says

    I also adore the bus! But they are all wonderful, congratulations to these talented artists!


  6. Roberta says

    Wow, I’m really impressed. Do you get sent in a lot of art work? How great that he has so many clever and talented fans


  7. My goodness,how do you achieve a result like the last one on a computer? Is that Photoshop?


  8. Peter Bogdanovitch says

    How wonderful people are celebrating Basil in this way, don’t you think it would gladden his heart to know it.


  9. David Macklin says

    This is a remarkable site.  Finding “Myra”:  an astrologer.  I’ll bet Ouida became friends with her first.  Basil probably went along with it although he says he is not superstitious.  However,  he tells of a spookie super natural experience in “In and Out of Character”

    Also the great fan art.

    If only we had the internet when I was President of “The Basil Rathbone” club and published “Basil’s New Notes”.  I took over from Doris DeVasier who published “Basil’s Blue Book”.  Basil knew Doris.  There is a story in my book “Acting In The Motion Picture Business”  about greeting Basil on the set of “Warbirds”, a pilot based on “The Dawn Patrol”,  where Basil asks me “Are you Doris Devasier?”  I think this story about working with Basil is on Marcia Jessen’s site along with the letters I received from him.

    It is good to know there are erudite and devoted fans of  Basil Rathbone” on this site.

      David Macklin ACTING In The Motion Picture BUSINESS (book site)



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