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Anyone know who this lady is?

The inscription reads:

To My Two Darlings – Basil and Ouida Rathbone, with love, Myra, 1931″

Well, it looks like “1931” and Marcia Jessen, who suggested I post this on the off chance anyone can identify her, thinks it’s 1931, but I find it a bit strange, because to me her hair, jewellery and make-up all say “1950s”.

MJ wonders, given the possible facial resemblance, if this might be a relative of Ouida’s. So, if, by remote chance, anyone can identify her, let us know.




  1. AnAnonymouse says

    Makeup and hair does not scream “1950s.” Necklace and earrings scream “30s.” Also, hairstyle can easily be 30s.


  2. humm the clothing and makeup and hair scream 1950s. Why does it read 1931? could this be touched up? the pen looks like its 2 dif colours when blowed up.Wonder if somebody retraced over the orignal wrighting on the pic and misread the date?And she realy does resemble Ouida dosent she.


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