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More candids for your holiday delectation

Ok – a few more submissions. The first is a photo of the Baz and daughter Cynthia, July 1954. She’s about fifteen. Pretty tall, unless she’s wearing glam rock platforms or something (which I highly doubt). For some reason I think her little pearl necklace is a bit heartbreaking. Poor Cynthia, things did not go good for her.


Second up is a candid of the Baz doing a stint at the Hollywood Canteen, ten years earlier – 1944. Sent in by the same “serious collector” who gave us the lovely glowing print of young Basil in 1923. I like the glimpse we get of him handling a live audience. Fascinated to know what he’s gesturing at. Something AMAZING has just come in the room by the looks of things πŸ™‚


And third up, another candid, this time suggested by cinegeek, of Basil and Errol on the set of DAWN PATROL. I really like this for the same reason I like the other candid of them doing costume fittings for ROBIN HOOD – it defies expectation. Once again, Flynn is so not the dominant force of the two; he comes over as almost shy and insecure, and Rathbone’s arm about his shoulder is almost controlling; once again the older guy seems much more at ease of the two. Funny isn’t it, the way that vibe keeps coming up in candids. Maybe the photos are just accidents of composition. But then Flynn and Rathbone were both such complicated people, and there’s so much we don’t know about their professional and personal interaction, I guess anything is possible.