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strange search terms

We get quite a lot of Google searches hitting this blog as you can imagine. Most of them are the predictable ones “Basil Rathbone,” “Hound of the Baskervilles,” etc. Though Ouida and Cynthia (especially the poor girl’s unexplained death) feature fairly prominently too, as does “Basil Rathbone Errol Flynn fanfic” (I kid you not). But sometimes we get one straight from left field, which sort of leaves you wondering a little, and today we got a great one. –

“a book about a man named basil who had sex with a woman taken captive on a ship and sexually used by a…” –

Sadly at that point the bar ran out of space so we won’t know how it ends unless the Googler comes forth. Seems to me they were making a great start writing said book right there in the search bar, and they should just carry on going πŸ™‚

The person who can come up with the best conclusion to this sentence gets… absolutely nothing but a sense of achievement. But do drop in your ideas.



  1. Ellen Foley says

    Don’t let OR know cuz she’d bring the Weedy whacker,oops,Jack & they’d have a go.


  2. …cad of a hound named which point a hype jocky named Bret burst in through the door and said…stop! let me right all this down..for i’m righting a truthfull tell all bio of …


  3. (a)unt Ada, who was vacationing nearby and became confused due to overconsumption of laudanum, on realising her mistake she apologised and invited Basil and the captive to tea and cake and a sprightly reading of Mrs Millicent’s “Fifty Ways to Candy Peel”


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