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Sunday pic #4

Speaks for itself, and I don’t want to type πŸ™‚



  1. Emma Towton says

    I had a dream about him last night. I was sitting in a motorway service station in modern day and he was telling me the story of his life. In the dream I knew he was dead and only I could see him but I didn’t want him to Know in case it made him sad. He was telling me about everything he’d done wrong and I was holding his hand across the table to comfort him. It was quite vivid and real.


    • Amomwholovesbasil says

      I think you should take that as a sign he was communicating with you. has anyone else ever had any feeling they were in touch with Basil or someone else they were close to or admired who had passed over?


      • Basil says

        When I was walking past his old home in London a few months ago with my Mum, we both heard footsteps at around the same place his house would have been, we turned around at exactly the same time only to see nothing. I’d like to think maybe it was him, no matter how retarded it sounds……^_^’


        • Wow, what home is that? I’ve never really focused on where he lived in London. Not retarded at all, btw – personally I am absolutely open to all of that stuff.


          • GRETCHEN says

            I’ve personally had dreams about both Basil AND Vincent (Price), as well as Jeremy Brett. πŸ™‚

            I can usually tell when it’s JUST a made-up dream, or when their souls are ACTUALLY visiting me in my sleep…that person above who dreamt of Baz talking to her was probably REALLY with him. Shortly after his death (only a few WEEKS later), Vincent began visiting me in dreams— prior to that time, I’d NEVER dreamt of him before. He sometimes comforts me in my grief over his loss, and so does Basil and Jeremy (I miss them all SOOO much). 😦 On other occasions, they’re just having FUN with me…we’re at a party laughing, or we’re playing and goofing-around like kids together. (Once in a while, they FLIRT with me when we “first meet” somewhere and they want to go-out with me, or we’re getting MARRIED, or making-out PASSIONATELY as lovers…I look at these as the dreams I’ve probably designed MYSELF, but you NEVER know! Perhaps it’s their way of giving me what my heart desires at the time, so I don’t feel SO depressed.)

            I believe the dead sense when we’re SAD and stuff, and like to cheer-us-up. They see and know what’s going-on in our lives— ESPECIALLY if we are somehow spiritually and emotionally connected to them. I’ve ALWAYS been like this, since I was a BABY. I’m VERY close to Baz and Vinnie, but I’m also sensitive to spirits whenever I’m somewhere that those who HAVEN’T moved-on yet still reside. It’s not SCARY, or anything…it’s pretty NEAT, actually!! πŸ™‚


          • Connaught square
            (ΰΉ‘>_<ΰΉ‘) Sorry about the late reply!
            …I actually hallucinated Basil in the middle of the night at my uncles house since I posted it as well , it was pretty awesome πŸ˜€


  2. Margaret G says

    Oh, there’s something about him that’s SO appealing. That lean grace. The firm profile. So masculine but with that little whisper of androgyny somewhere. Does anyone else see that? Is it just his girlishly lovely eyes?


    • GRETCHEN says

      YEAH…that’s what draws ME to him, too. πŸ™‚

      Vincent Price and Jeremy Brett ALSO had that femininity about them, and their looks. (They were bi-sexual, as well…it’s POSSIBLE that Basil also was.) Maybe those androgynous qualities they all seem to share in common came from the amount of X and Y chromosomes they had, compared to the more “masculine” types of men…who KNOWS??

      All I care about is how darn SEXY this made them…I’m not into MANLY men. Give me a guy who loves acting, classical music, flowers and cooking; with GORGEOUS features that are delicate and gentile— and those BEAUTIFUL hands! Now, THAT’S what I’M talkin’ about!! *FAINTS* πŸ™‚


  3. ulrika says

    something about him make me want to cry, something about his eyes, and just…something


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