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Sherlock’s Birthplace

Undershaw, the house where Sherlock Holmes’ creator, Arthur Conan Doyle used to live, is being threatened with demolition. These people don’t want it to happen.

One way to help is to buy a copy of this book…


  1. Yes but it would have been nice to see him on my tv screen too. Ronald Howard isnt bad as Holmes. I have a eppy or perhaps it’s 2,of his show,on a $1.00 dvd of one of Basil’s, Holmes movies. I got it at a doller store a few years back. Cant recall witch one it is now. It was a total suprise, its not listed as being on the dvd not on the envlope not on the dvd it’s self. .


  2. Not that it has anything to do with the above,except the pic of Basil reminded me. We were shoping at a pre blackfriday sale last night when I found a DVD with a wonderfull pic of Basil on the front,from the same photoset of Basil as the one above. It was $2.99! I was thrilled,untill I turned it over and read what was on it. Not 1! Not even 1,of the shows on it were Basil! Leslie Howards son Ronald were in most if not all of them. Wow. I wonder how many hands this thing passed through at that company,and yet not 1 person had the sence or the eyuesight to see that the the star on the box and the star in the shows were not the same person. Jezzes Louise!


    • Margaret G says

      They were hoping people would buy it if there was a pic of a more famous Sherlock on the cover. People don’t remember Ronald Howard as Holmes.


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