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Sunday Pic #2

Continuing our Sunday thing of featuring photos, artwork, fan art that’s either been sent to me or I’ve come across in my etheric travels.

Let’s be totally fangirly today. Firstly, a very gorgeous photo from the Tumblr account The Two Profiles. Don’t know the date or anything, but it looks quite early.

(My God, I’m so jealous of those eyelashes.)

And here’s one to gratify Sherlock/Twilight crossover shippers everywhere (are there such? Do they ever talk to other members of the human race?). A pic sent me by the prolific Hally, of Basil/Sherlock as…well, as a vampire:

And lastly, a wonderful Basil/Sherlock gif from the master-gifmaker Paddyfitz (the artist formerly known as dreamworld-reality). As her tags say: “yes, a whole gif for one eye movement – Basil is always worth it.” πŸ˜€



  1. command to love says

    Its like you read my mind when you began this website. Mom of baby Jemima, was a journalist in previous diaper-free life. Now I’m house and baby-bound and the internet is my lifeline. Your blog is one of my must-see places every day and when there’s a new post I’m thrilled. Loved Baz since I was asked to review Dawn Patrol in school by a guy I had a crush on who ran a geeky college movie mag. Married geeky film guy and still love Baz. Realized when I watched Comedy of Terrors and we get that wonderful close up of Basil’s eyes that husbands eyes are the exact same color, so that pleased me.


  2. moby dyke says

    What a hot mofo he was. Speaking as a bi female I’m fascinated by his hint of androgyny, which is hard to pin down as he is outwardly highly masculine. His eyes though, are femininely beautiful. And there is the promise of sensitivity in his face, as well as strength in his body.


  3. fanformerlyBrett says

    I have just fallen hopelessly in love! I was always a Brett fan, but that ‘watching gif’ stopped me in my tracks, and I just thought ‘this IS Sherlock.’ So I went and downloaded HOUND 1939. And I’m hooked. Because of that damn gif.


  4. Interested Enquirer says

    he was really very beautiful was he not, somuch more than most of the leading men he competed with and lost. Only Errol Flynn and Tyrone Power were worthy competitor in looks. Fredric March was a joke!


  5. DaysWatchingSherlock says

    I totally freakin am insane over the vampire pic and really want to see the show!


  6. Hilary says

    I can’t thank you enough for this site. I’ve been a Basil fan for ten years and haunted the Master of Stage and Screen site, which is my bible, but I love the sense of community here!


  7. gooseberry pie says

    UH I know you have tumblr account so you might know but your posts keep appearing on tumblr, i’ve seen two totally copied and pasted, maybe your cool with it but I just thought I’d say.


  8. peanutbutter squash says

    Basil-Sherlock pleeeeeese marry me and sire a bunch of brainy beautiful kids just like you. Did Basil have kids in real life? Were they like him?He needs to have passed on those great genes.


  9. Sorry for the break in service yesterday guys, and the fact your comments had to wait so long for approval. We had no internet here at THE BAZ HQ from late Sunday until this morning. But we’re all back now πŸ™‚


  10. wendy says

    This is very cool. Adore the top pic and the last one is brilliant. Not even Benedict does the Sherlock eagle-eyes like Basil


    • JaneyKaye says

      I actually don’t like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock. I like him even less than RDJ


    • Adore that first pic posted.Benedict comes closer to Baz in looks and think the two of them miles above RDJ and Jeremy Brett,tho’ I liked Brett in AREN’t WE ALL on Broadway,as athletic then as Baz,before Lithium killed him with Congestive Heart Failure and caused him probs in last Holmes series.Am liking JLM more I watch ELEMENTARY,esp with Lucy Liu


    • Hannah says

      You totally haven’t missed anything. Twilight is for would-be Goths and airheads who listen to too much Coldplay


  11. Deirdre'sCatiscalled Michael says

    God he was a totally sexual Sherlock. What woman wouldn’t melt if he looked at her like he does in that gif!


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