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So it’s Halloween!…

Light your pumpkin lantern, extinguish the lights (if you’re in lower Manhattan you can skip this step), throw a log on the stove, get a glass of wine and a slice of pie and settle down for a selection of reader-nominated excerpts of The Baz at All Hallow’s…

First, suggested by Cinegeek, some music….

Are the candles flickering a little? The drapes billowing as a draft buffets the window? Excellent. Next up, and nominated by Tim is Baz reading THE TELL-TALE HEART by Edgar Allen Poe, with very cool visuals and effects…

Change of tone for the next offering, suggested by femgirl, a clip from THE BLACK SLEEP(1956). It was Lugosi’s last film, and Basil looks as if he wishes it was his. Lon Chaney jr plays someone known as Mongo, and Tor Johnson is locked in the cellar. Truly terrifying, but not in a good way. I suffered additional cognitive dissonance the first time I saw this clip as I thought Basil was shouting “Taxi!” and briefly wondered if he’d lost his mind completely and just wanted out…

Moving gratefully on, this ep of the Sherlock Holmes radio show was suggested by our regular reader Bazgirl. Feel free to skip over the guy trying to persuade you to buy crateloads of dubious wine and just enjoy the Baz and the Nije, and the wonderful fluffs they make sometimes when their sight-reading lets them down… πŸ™‚

Another Sherlock clip next, this time the denouement from the immensely creepy THE SCARLET CLAW, recommended by a few of you and widely considered the best Rathbone/Sherlock movie after BASKERVILLES and THE ADVENTURES, though the gap between second and third place might be considered pretty wide. SPOILER WARNING – don’t watch this if you don’t want to know who was murdering people with that “five-pronged garden Ouida weeder.”

And now, recommended by more of you than anything else, another Poe classic, and a fitting one to end on – THE RAVEN,



  1. Helena Gosnell says

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I’ve been enjoying browsing. I’m a big fan of classic movies and Basil is one of my particular favorites. Thank you for this lovely blog


  2. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one!

    It’s on a entirely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Superb choice of colors!


  3. ShoullyGlycle says

    THE BLACK SLEEP is an embarrasingly terrible film. My hear goes out to poor Bela. He looks so crushed and helpless. He died very soon after


    • I know BR hated being in horror movies,as Boris said,but he was great and inspiring in all he did.We’d all love to tell him to his face what a great actor he was and a lovely person inside and out


      • Ellen Foley says

        Bride Of Frankenstein on TCM last nite,Baz could’ve been either Henry or the crazy Poledouris,however it’s spelled (Ernest Thesiger).Too bad Whale didn’t direct more,can sosee scenes of Young Frankenstein in BOF.Lagh when remember little girl from orig Frankenstein insisting on riding w/Karloff!And Donnie’s fond recollections of Baz and Boris,but not dirtyold man Atwill (always get the creeps when he’s on scene,now know why).How could OR represent Atwill as an agent if he was that perverted with boys?And who could his fellow porn flick companions have been when he was arrested,given what happened to his career,he should’ve ratted them out,Pinky.


  4. blesstheboy says

    Oh I could listen to that voice all night long. Girls, try playing him reading EAP while you’re drifting off to sleep and imagine he’s reading to you and you’re pillowed on his chest πŸ™‚


  5. Love the naturalism that Rathbone brings to his reading of The Raven – he starts out almost conversationally, then builds with such anguish to the climax, your attention never flags while you listen.


  6. Kirstin says

    GREAT CLIPS! I admit sheepishly to being a big fan of THE BLACK SLEEP. I think Basil is incredibly attractive in it, and I really swoon a bit over the passionate tenderness in the way he treats his sick wife. You can’t help thinking he was a marvellous lover in real life. Oops hope I didn’t share too much!


  7. MoodLaden says

    Wow I think we underestimate what a talent he was. What vocal flexibility! That reading of THE TELL TALE HEART is completely brilliant. No exaggeration. He was one of the great actors of his generation.


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