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Photo Week: Two Sherlock Gifs

Three things. 1. I broke my wrist last night and am currently typing lefthanded. So there may be breaks in service while I struggle to keep up with my workload.

2.The British NHS is FANTASTIC and you should not let David Cameron take it away from you guys. If we had the same thing in America so much pain and misery and debt and death would be avoided.

3.Here is the latest Photo Week offering. Two matching gifs made for Tumblr by The-Dreamworld-Reality, whose work we’ve featured here before. Nominated by several different readers, they feature the Baz’s expressive face in glorious close-up.




  1. carolinapantherfan says




    His face is so sensitive and soulful and so full of unspoken sadness!

    I’m o in love with that face


  2. Eugene Mateo says

    Hello and thanks for all the information on this site. Basil is one of my all time heroes as man and actor. What a gentleman, what a decent human being.


    • Jeremy Bentham says

      He was a gentleman indeed! I was wondering if his decision to leave Hollywood was connected with the rise of HUAAC? I imagine he might have had quite radical or liberal politics and possibly have been considered “pink” by the likes of McCarthy?


  3. I too, like the hat he wears as Sherlock. But for all things to be right in the world, it should be a tweed deerstalker. Traditionalist that I am.


    • I love the deerstalker, too, but I learned that it’s not appropriate to wear it in London. “Uninformed depictions of Holmes that depict him wearing this hat in the city fail to take into account that the fashion-conscious Holmes would never commit such a sartorial faux pas; the deerstalker is traditionally a rural outdoorsman’s cap, not the appropriate headgear for the properly dressed urban gentleman.” (Wikipedia)


  4. roesbette says

    So sorry about your broken wrist! Guess you’ll have to stay in bed all day and watch Sherlock Holmes marathons.


    • ha, yes, I’m being a total couch potato and watching back numbers of The Great British Bake Off πŸ™‚ Thanks for the good wishes everyone


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